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Cass, the Bender
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Bender Champion





Combat information


Consensus Reformation


Power of Words 8/4
Shifter's Choice
Daybreak Sword
Tide Blade


Initial Immunity
Suppression Debuff
Void Rift Grenade
Void Rift Drain
Void Rift Collapse
Blindness Effect
Burning Effect
Solar Grenade
Phoenix's Smite
Phoenix's Slam
Phoenix's Fury
Ultra Tidal Wave
Hydrojet Bash
Aqua Tide Bomb
Soaked Debuff
Warlock Palm Melee
Warlock Glide
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Warlocks


Cass, the Bender is the head Bender of the Lightbreakers, and one of the leaders of their Manipulator Division alongside her older brother Blackburn, the Distorter.



Cass' primary weapon is her Power of Words 8/4, a high-impact Scout Rifle that fires flashbang rounds, which will blind their targets upon detonation. It takes two shots to break Guardians' shields, and another one to deplete their health, allowing Cass to drop Guardians in less than a full second. For medium range, she will switch to her Shifter's Choice Sidearm, which fires incendiary shots in 3-round bursts, inflicting targets with a burning effect if a full burst hits their mark. After 30 seconds, she will switch to one of two Light-powered Swords: a Daybreak Sword and a Tide Blade. The Daybreak Sword can perform a close-range slash, summon flaming projectiles, and slam the ground to send forth a line of fire; the Tide Blade will also perform a close range slash, but can instead send forth a tidal wave that will knock Guardians upwards and cause them to die of fall damage. She will use these alternate swords for 15 seconds each.


Cass has two default abilities: a Rift Grenade and a Rift Collapse. Upon detonation, it will release a sphere of Void energy that will trap all Guardians in its radius. It only takes a few seconds to drain the health of anyone that hasn't shot their way out. Breaking the sphere will intensify its strength, causing it to turn into an explosive rift that will detonate if not shot down in time. If left to its own, the rift will collapse and explode, instantly killing everything in its radius. After 30 seconds, she will switch to either Solar Grenades that release a large sphere of fire which rapidly burns everything in its radius, or Hydrojets that knock Guardians around, which are used in tandem with Tide Bombs, which leave behind a pool of water that inflicts the "Soaked" debuff, which slows movement to a crawl and blurs vision. At close range, she will retaliate with a Warlock Palm melee that causes moderate knockback.

Bending the Elements[edit]

Cass' personal shield will grant her immunity to all incoming damage. There will be three special plates to stand on for a brief moment, one for Arc, Solar, and Void. After standing on these plates for a short time, a special target will appear in front of the player, and it will not correspond with the plate they are standing. Shooting the right target will grant one stack of the "Coursing Light" buff, while shooting the wrong one will subtract a stack. If someone runs out of stacks, their abilities will be suppressed for a short time. Once ten stacks of the buff have been achieved, a giant spark of Light will appear in the center of the arena. Those with the buff will need to run through it and pick up its orbs, which must be thrown at Cass to remove her shield and stun her for 40 seconds, allowing all Guardians to deal direct damage to her.