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Blackburn, the Distorter
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Distorter Champion





Combat information


Consensus Reformation


Angry Hornet
Warp Cannon
Decay Scythe


Initial Immunity
Poison Effect
Insect Grenade
Insect Swarm
Corrosive Aura
Corroded Debuff
Void Magic Dart
Cataclysm Bomb
Cataclysm Seeker
Cataclysmic Vortex
Cataclysmic Collapse
Scatter Grenade
Voidwalker Blink
Poisonous Edge
Blackout Effect
Relapse Gas Cloud
Infectious Spread
Warlock Palm Melee
Cessation Debuff
Warlock Glide
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Warlocks


Blackburn, the Distorter is the head Distorter of the Lightbreakers and one of the leaders of their Manipulator Division, alongside his younger sister Cass, the Bender. He is also the father of Cyrus, the Watcher and the tutor of Forum:Theola, the Roamer.



Blackburn is primarily armed with an Angry Hornet Auto Rifle with an underbarrel Warp Cannon. The auto rifle portion fires toxic rounds which inflict a poison effect while the Warp Cannon fires a continuous Arc beam that will lock on to one target at a time and rapidly drain their health. After 30 seconds, he will switch to a Decay Scythe, which is capable of either firing poisonous waves of energy, or performing a sweeping strike that inflicts a blackout effect. He will chase Guardians with this weapon for 15 seconds at a time.


Blackburn has two default abilities: an Insect Grenade and a Corrosive Aura. The Insect Grenade detonates on impact and releases a swarm of mosquitoes that chases one Guardian at random. If the swarm surrounds them for long enough, they will die. When casting Corrosive Aura, Blackburn will conjure an outburst of acidic energy, inflicting a debuff that will reduce a Guardian's resilience value by 100% and their shield is reduced by 50%. After 30 seconds, he will switch to either the Voidwalker or Plaguemancer ability set:

  • As a Voidwalker, Blackburn will primarily attack with magic Void darts that track their targets. Occasionally, he will gather enough Void energy to launch an enhanced Nova Bomb that tracks its targets and detonates into both a large Vortex or a series of smaller seeker projectiles. Guardians inside the Vortex will have their health drained, and their movement speed as well as their weapon handling speed and fire rate, will all be significantly hampered. One must shoot their way out of the Vortex before they are killed. He will also throw enhanced Scatter Grenades whose submunitions cover a larger radius and are more accurate, and occasionally can be seen using Blink to get around the arena quickly.
  • As a Plaguemancer, Blackburn's movements will leave behind a gas trail that temporarily disables health recovery. He will also cast an infection on the floor that will slow, poison, and disorient its victims. At close range, he can use a Palm attack that completely disables mobility for a short time.

From the Deep[edit]

Blackburn's shield will grant him immunity to all incoming damage. There will be three elemental crystals to carry: one for Arc, Solar, and Void each. These crystals must be placed on top of their proper altar, whose locations will switch every five seconds. Once all altars are charged with their respective crystal, a plate will start to form on top of them. Those standing on the plates will get a damage buff for one random element. These plates will eventually begin to rotate around the room. Elemental spheres will rotate along with them. A giant spark of Light will appear in the room. When it flashes a certain color, the corresponding sphere must be shot for a brief moment. If the right sphere is shot, one stack of the "Rising Light" buff is granted; shooting the wrong one will subtract a stack. Once 15 stacks have been achieved, the giant Spark of Light will drop on Blackburn, removing his shield and stunning him, allowing Guardians to damage him for 40 seconds at a time.