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Theola, the Roamer
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Roamer Champion





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Consensus Reformation


Seeker P84
Caustic Remark
Golden Gun
Stone Chain Whip
Explosive Knife


Initial Immunity
Dragged Debuff
Theola's Backlash
Marked Debuff
Blindness Effect
Feedback Field
Corroded Debuff
Burning Effect
Tripmine Grenade
Combat Roll
Rockedge Grenade
Bleeding Effect
Rotating Spin
Hunter Triple Jump
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Hunters


Theola, the Roamer is the head Roamer of the Lightbreakers, and one of the leaders of their Scouting Division, alongside her consort Cyrus, the Watcher. She is also the sister of Russell, the Juggernaut.



Theola has two main weapons: the Seeker P84 and the Caustic Remark. The Seeker P84 is a Pulse Rifle that fires seeking harpoons that can quickly down Guardians and drag them towards Theola, who will attempt to whip them around, smashing them into walls and other obstacles. If the player survives, then they will be marked by a device that will track their location and be focus fired by Theola, who will not attack a Guardian that has not been marked by her harpoons. The device will start to blind the player the further they are from her; if they stray away from her for too long, then they will be overwhelmed by a feedback field, instantly killing them. The Caustic Remark is a one-handed Shotgun outfitted with corrosive ammunition, inflicting its target with a debuff that drains their health, slows them down, and obscures their vision. If within reach, Theola will retaliate with a Hunter Knife. At 85% health, her shotgun transforms into a Golden Gun, which can either fire an extremely high-damage charged shot that inflicts a short burning effect or a barrage of shots that can instantly put Guardians at critical health; she also gains the ability to throw her knives as explosives. When her health reaches 70%, she drops her Seeker P84 in favor of a Stone Chain Whip, which can either slash Guardians with a spin attack using its sharp stony edges, or unleash a long-ranged snare that can constrict Guardians to death.


At 85% health, Theola will gain the ability to throw Tripmine Grenades as well as perform a quick combat roll that allows her catch up to Guardians and grip them by the throat, instantly cutting them to death. Shooting her will deal no damage, but will apply enough force on her body to push her back. When her health reaches 70%, Theola gains the ability to perform rotating spins around Guardians to confuse them as well as throw Rockedge Grenades alongside Tripmine Grenades.

Big Game Hunting[edit]

Theola's personal shield renders her immune to all damage. Every so often, special Lightbreaker Gunslingers and Earthrovers will appear. Killing them each will grant one stack of the "Wanted" buff. Once 20 stacks total have been achieved, an Eye of Theola Hunter will appear. Only those with the buff can kill them. The Eye will drop a harpoon relic upon death. This will be thrown directly at Theola to break her shield and pin her to the floor, making her vulnerable to damage for 45 seconds.