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Wilson, the Paladin
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Paladin Champion





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Consensus Reformation


The Colony
Sentinel Shield
Tsunami Trident


Immunity Shield
Trapdoor Sphere
Aquatic Overflow
Blindness Aura
Electric Torrent
Shocking Effect
Sentinel Shield Throw
Slowness Effect
Ward of Dawn
Void Ward Shield
Suppressor Grenade
Suppression Debuff
Tidal Plummet
Tidal Shockwave
Whirlpool Grenade
Aqua Vortex Debuff
Submergence Debuff
Geyser Eruption
Titan Strafe Lift
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Summon Titans


Wilson, the Paladin is the head Paladin of the Lightbreakers and one of the leaders of their Mighty Glacier Division alongside his father Russell, the Juggernaut.



Wilson's primary weapon of choice is The Colony, a Grenade Launcher which fires live insectoid grenades that travel along the ground, track their targets and detonate upon impact. He pairs this with a Sentinel Shield, which can either perform a close range bash, create an aura around Wilson to block him from all damage, and be thrown as a projectile, tracking its target and inflicting a slowness effect on contact. If the shield doesn't yet find a target, it will deploy a Ward of Dawn that will grant a Void shield to any Lightbreakers that walk through it, including Wilson. After 30 seconds, he will switch to a Tsunami Trident that can perform a series of close range jabs as well a tidal shockwave that causes significant knockback. This weapon will be used for 15 seconds at a time.


Wilson has two default abilities: he can either cast an aura that inflicts blindness or send forth a line of electricity that will shock anyone that walks into it. Occasionally he will throw Suppressor Grenades that shut down the use of abilities. Using his Trident, he is able to summon a giant tidal wave that will pick Guardians up from the ground and come crashing back down, plummeting them to the surface, causing them to die of impact damage. Sometimes, he can be seen throwing Whirlpool Grenades that trap Guardians with a water vortex which will drown them if they don't jump out in time as well as sending forth a wave of geysers that emit high-pressure water jets from underground, which can instantly kill any Guardian that doesn't watch their step.

Breaking the Shield[edit]

Wilson will initially be vulnerable to damage, although his shield will occasionally surround him in an immunity aura, which can be broken by shooting Wilson in the back. When his health reaches 70%, he will cast an immunity shield around himself, preventing all incoming damage. There will be three special vaults that will be guarded by Bodyguards of Wilson. Killing them will cause them to drop an elemental key relic that must be placed in its corresponding slot. Each vault will have 3 slots. When all keys are placed in their correct slots, the vaults will open, revealing a spark of Light. Once the sparks are picked up, a giant dome will surround the entire arena and vents will start to open, revealing gushing water that will overflow the arena if the vents are not closed. Closing the vents will shut down the dome and cause Wilson's shield to drop, allowing Guardians to damage him for 40 seconds.