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The Cult of Osiris logo.
"If you think you're ready, then you're ready."
Brother Vance

The Cult of Osiris, also known as the Followers of Osiris, is a religious group composed of the non-Guardian disciples of the exiled Warlock Osiris. Although none of the Cult's members met Osiris until the months following the Red War, they zealously followed his teachings in an attempt to understand the true nature of Light and Darkness. In an effort to recruit Guardians to their cause, the Cult hosted the Trials of Osiris Crucible tournament.


The Cult of Osiris originally maintained a camp at The Lighthouse in Caloris Spires on Mercury, and permitted only the victors of the Trials of Osiris to enter. At some point following the Red War, this camp was abandoned in favor of a new sanctuary, also called The Lighthouse, in the Fields of Glass overlooking the main gateway to the Vex's Infinite Forest.

The Cult also had a small temple in the basement of a radio tower at in the European Dead Zone on Earth, but this enclave was wiped out by House of Dusk scavengers in the months after the Red War.

Some of the Cult's writings include the "Parables of the Allspring" and the "Fractal Scrolls". Cultists have a low opinion of the Speaker for having exiled Osiris, some going so far as to call him a charlatan.[1]

Conversely, Ikora Rey has a low opinion of the cultists as well, claiming that they only follow the idea of Osiris and know nothing of the man himself. In fact, before his exile, Osiris himself was annoyed how they treated him like a celebrity and resented how his "followers" treated his research like holy texts instead of knowledge to learn from.

Ikora, while having a low opinion of them, does see some use for the Cultists, normally involving information. The Warlock Vanguard normally ignores their conspiracy theories but often makes use of their information and contacts with her Hidden agents.



Parables of the Allspring[edit]

  • "The sun took my sight, thus the sun became my eyes."[2]
  • "Let the heat melt your body so your soul might flow with the river of time."[3]
  • "Strengthen the body, empower the mind." [4]
  • "The watcher does not just observe. The watcher defines the observed." [5]
  • "Light burns. Light heals. Light blinds. Light reveals."[6]
  • "You are not the seer. Not yet. You are the one who is seen."[7]
  • "Feet alone cannot take us to where we're going."[8]
  • "Even the dead are not beyond our reach."[9]
  • "Those who fly beneath the Sun do not come back unscathed."[10]
  • "It is the blind eye that knows most keenly what it does not see."[11]
  • "The courage to walk into the Darkness, but strength to return to the Light."[12]
  • "You must learn to tease apart the hues of your own heart."[13]

The Fractal Scrolls[edit]

  • "Many followed him when he left—if not with their feet, then with their hearts."[14]
  • "'Out of sight, out of mind,' they say. The Speaker wishes this was true."[15]
  • "To you goes the glory and the honor of battle."[16]
  • "With the sight I saw the self within the self."[17]

Sayings of the Disciples[edit]

  • "Don't you find it strange that the one called The Speaker rarely has anything useful to say?" [18]
  • "Was he exiled? Did he leave willingly? Was the parting angry? Peaceful? Is he dead? Alive? In a word: yes." —Sister Faora[19]
  • "Though the City won a great battle at Twilight Gap, it lost an even greater mind." —Sister Lupe[20]
  • "They who entered the Speaker's chambers as master and apprentice were bitter rivals when they left." —Brother Vance[21]

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