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The Arrival


The Ghosts

The Investigation


Destiny 2


The Witch Queen




Savathûn's Throne World


Investigate Savathun's Throne World

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The Investigation is the second mission of The Witch Queen expansion, involving The Guardian's investigation over the Throne World of Savathûn, and picking up an odd transmission signal directed to them somewhere outside of the Witch Queen's palace.


  • Investigate Savathûn's Throne World
  • Defeat the Lucent Hive
  • Follow the Signal
  • Rendezvous with the Contact
  • Escape the Fortress
  • Defeat the Lucent Hive
  • Rendezvous with the Contact


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Ghost: Eris says throne worlds are kingdoms of thought, built according to the desires of the creator.

Ghost: I suppose Savathûn desired a throne world made of Light. Everything here is imbued with it.

Ghost: What's strange to me is that she's vulnerable here. Why would she just let us walk in?

Ghost: We need a clue of how she stole the Light.

The Guardian defeats Lucent Hive, led by a Lightbearer Knight.

Fynch: Hey, listen closely. You‘re not supposed to be here! Guardians aren't safe in a place like this.

Ghost: Who is this?

Fynch: Well, that's need to know, pal, and you don't. Uh… need to know, I mean.

Fynch: Look, just get out, before Savathûn and her light-up goons realize you're here!

Ghost: Are you with the Vanguard?

Ghost: Hello?

Ghost: We lost him. I can trace the signal.

Ghost: Any lead's a good lead when you have no leads…

The Guardian defeats two Knights. The gate does not open.

Ghost: We're blocked… but I'm picking up more of that physic energy over there.

The Guardian interacts with Deepsight. Platforms are revealed.

Ghost: How did you do that? It’s like you created those platforms out of thin air.

The Guardian goes across the platforms. They enter a dark part of the fortress.
The Guardian encounters Lucent Hive.
The Guardian interacts with Despsight. Platforms are revealed.
The Guardian crosses the platforms.
Hive statue revealed by Deepsight points to a door.

Ghost: That, up there-I think that door will lead us out. We just need a way up.

The Guardian enters another part of the fortress.

Ghost: I'm sensing more physic energy nearby. It might help us find our way out of here.

The Guardian interacts with Deepsight. Platforms are revealed.
The Guardian crosses the platforms and enter another part of the fortress.
They exit the fortress
The Guardian defeats Lucent Hive

Fynch: Hey, hey, hey! You're stirring up the Hive. This is exactly why I told you to leave.

Ghost: What do you know about Hive using the Light?

Fynch: That's why you're here?

Ghost: That's “need to know”.

Fynch: Yeah, yeah.

Fynch: Look, all right, I really shouldn't be doing this, but come meet me outside the fortress. Just be discreet, all right?

The Guardian must me up with this voice.
The Guardian enters the Florescent Canal.
The Guardian encounters and defeats Lucent Hive.
The Guardian defeats Blistered Knight.

Ghost: The signal is coming from beyond that gate. We have to get it open.

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
The Guardian steps on tablet.

Fynch: Hey! What did you do! Oh, you triggered the alarm! The Hive are going to be all over you!

Lucent Hive are summoned and confront the Guardian.

Fynch: What happened to being discreet?

Ghost: We're trying to open the gate!

Fynch: Look, look, just-try to stay alive, all right? Once the gate's open, just make a run for it.

Objective completed

Ghost: Gate's open. Let's go!

Ghost: Between you and me, I don't think this guy we've been talking to is working for the Vanguard.

Ghost: I guess it could be a rogue Hidden agent… or a lost Guardian. But maybe it's just Savathûn, disguising her voice.

Ghost: Any lead's a good lead.

The Guardian enters the Quagmire and spot and engages with warring Lucent Hive and Scorn.

Ghost: Scorn ahead. What are they doing here? They don't go anywhere without being directed.

Two Barrier Guards appear and are defeated.
A Lightbearer Wizard appears

Ghost: Another Hive wielding the Light, Eyes up, Guardian!

Two Barrier Guards appear.
The Guardian defeats the Lightbearer Wizard and the Barrier Guards.

Ghost: Not sure I'll ever get used to seeing Ghosts serving the Hive.

Ghost: All Ghosts where created after the Collapse. The Traveler released us just before it went dormant.

Ghost: These Ghosts had thousands of opportunities to choose a Guardian, and they passed right over humanity and chose our enemy instead.

Ghost: I can't forgive that.

They meet up with this voice, who is revealed to be a Hive Ghost with a dead Lightbearer Hive nearby.

Ghost: You? You brought us here?

Fynch: Hey, take it easy!

Fynch: Just… let me explain.

{End Mission:Investigation}


Hive - Lucent Brood


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