The Message, Part I

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The Message, Part II

The Message, Part I


Destiny 2


The Final Shape




The Pale Heart, The Traveler


Cayde and Crow need your help to find a means by which to communicate with the Traveler.

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The Message, Part I is the first quest of the Final Shape expansion.


  • Find the Lost Sector Entrance
  • Enter the Lost Sector
  • Clear the Lost Sector
  • Commune with the Traveler


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

Ghost: Crow? Cayde? If you can read us, we're coming with you. What's the plan?

Cayde-6: Those big cracks we've seen? Light's been spilling out of them like an open wound.

Cayde-6: I've heard something in them up on the mountain. Noises, feelings-hard to explain.

The Crow: Cayde thinks these cracks might be a vector we can use to reach out to the Traveler. Communicate with it, like Ikora was trying to.

Ghost: How can we help?

The Crow: When you were empowered by that fissure near our camp, it diminished, so we need to find more.

The Crow: Cayde and I split up, doing some backtracking, but Glint said he felt a huge source of Light somewhere near you.

Glint: I couldn't figure out where it was, but maybe you'll have better luck. It's gotta be tucked away somewhere deep.

Cayde-6: Keep comms open; this place is screwy.

Ghost: Affirmative. Good luck out there.

Travelling around the Impaase, the Guardian discovers and enters into a cave entrance inside a mountain.

Ghost: I think we found something. Resonant imaging shows this cave goes pretty deep toward a concentration of Light.

Ghost: We're going to check it out.

Cayde-6: Roger Dodger. So far, nothing out here.

Cayde-6: But when I close my eyes, clear my head…

Cayde-6: Ikora said it was like she could hear the Traveler screaming. I can feel it.

Ghost: I know exactly what you mean.

Eventually the Guardian arrives into the Lost Sector known as the Broken Deep. Within the Sector, they defeat hordes of Taken to lure out a Ravenous Taken Captain with an Immunity Shield. Shooting three Darkness spikes, they lower the Taken Captain's shield and slay it to journey further into the Sector. Arriving into another room, the Guardian kills further Taken to summon a Ravenous Taken Knight bearing an Immunity Shield. They shoot three spikes to lower its shield and defeat the Taken Knight and other forces within to lower the Taken barrier. As they continue to fight their way through enemy forces, including a Bound Weaver, the Guardian arrives into a room where they shoot three other spikes to bring forth Rhalis, Subjugator of the Light. Each time when Rhalis loses one third of its health, it summons forth an Immunity Shield maintained by three spikes. The Guardian destroys the spikes to vanquish Rhalis's shield, and eventually slay the Subjugator to claim the loot within and make their way to the fissure of Light, covered with Darkness branches

Ghost: We found one of the fissures, but the Light feels like it's being strangled by something… held back.

Cayde-6: The Witness, tightening its grip on the Traveler.

Cayde-6: I ain't given up yet; I'm gonna go check back around the weirdo tower, see what I can find up there.

Glint: I have another deep Light telemetric for you, Ghost. It's a bit of a backtrack, but it's a strong signal.

Ghost: Thanks, Glint. We'll check that one out next.

{End Mission:The Message, Part I}


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