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This article is about the version of the House of Salvation in the Twisted Fate AU. For the canonical House, see House of Salvation.
House of Salvation
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Eramis, Kell of Darkness
Kridis, Salvation Priestess
Phylaks, the Archfiend
Praksis, the Technocrat
Atraks, the Wildcard


Yamiks Prime


Riis-Reborn, Castalia Macula


Beyond Light


"To my Eliksni brothers and sisters among the stars, and here at home on Europa: for too long have we been mere playthings of the universe, where we have suffered and lived in despair as we called out desperately to a so-called god that had long-since forsaken us. And yet, time and time again the Great Machine has stood by and did NOTHING, while our hopes and dreams have been stripped from us by its very own vile spawn. Well, no longer! We must be our own Salvation, and together, we will pave the way to the Eliksni's future!
Remember: Light only burns bright for so long....but Darkness, is forever.
— Eramis

The House of Salvation, also known as House Salvation to the Eliksni, is a massive House of Fallen, distinguishable by their indigo cloaks and armor.

Founded by Eramis, the Shipstealer, former Baroness of the House of Devils, the House of Salvation is a dark empire comprised of former Devil, Wolf, Winter and Dusk members who have rallied under Eramis out of sheer desperation due to numerous Fallen losses over the years from Cabal, Hive, Taken, Scorn and most notably the Guardians. Believing the Traveler to have forsaken the Eliksni race, they aim to destroy not only the Guardians and every other threat that has pushed their kind to the brink of extinction, but to also destroy the Great Machine they once worshipped and restore their people to greatness.

Eramis would lead the newly-formed House to Europa where she would claim the power of the Darkness to strengthen her House with so they would be able to challenge the Guardians. Europa would then become the House of Salvation's primary base of operations for their campaign against the Last City and Scorn, and with their powers of Stasis, deadly arsenal and vast numbers they would quickly become one of the most powerful and threatening Houses the City would ever face.



For a House of such size, the House of Salvation is far more organized and disciplined than other Houses, and bears an almost militaristic structure as a testament to Eramis' leadership. Unlike other Fallen the House of Salvation utilizes an entirely different set of infantry never before seen, apart from the standard Dreg, Vandal or Marauder. Soldiers under this house are identified by their thick indigo-colored armor with fur-lined cloaks. Elites and Majors meanwhile tend of have prominent accents of white in their armor.

Being armed with the power of the Darkness, the House of Salvation is especially dangerous, with almost every member of the House equipped with Splinters of Darkness that are harvested from Cruxes. Stasis does not only have prominent use among their ground forces, but has also been incorporated into some of their weapons technology, with all new armaments and devices being constructed with the ability to use Stasis in some form. Through the machinations of Praksis, the House of Salvation has also learned to invent entirely new forms of Fallen automata and vehicles, such as the Galleon gunship, and they have even managed to fabricate their very own Light disruption technology using Darkness energy.

In accordance to the House of Salvation's beliefs and goals, Eramis has abolished some of the old Fallen traditions. They no longer make use of Dregs, and any recruited in their House are fully permitted to regrow their arms, starting off as Grunts until their lower pair of arms are fully regrown. They no longer revere Servitors as objects of worship, keeping them around solely for the sake of Ether production. Instead of an Archon, their Prime Servitor is tended to and protected by a crew of maintenance workers and high-ranking officers. While they retain Captains as field commanders, they do not have proper Barons. High-ranking members are instead referred to as 'Salvation Elites' owing to the House' more militarized structure.

The House of Salvation also utilizes technology from other factions, particularly the Vex, Cabal, Awoken and even the Scorn with their production of Brigs, the schematics of such salvaged from the Insurrection Prime war machine once deployed by The Machinist against the Last City. They also make use of some Golden Age ordinance taken from not only the ruins of the Braytech facility on Europa, but also from Golden Age ruins across the system.

Similarly to the House of Wolves and House of Dusk before them, the House of Salvation has a few different specialized groups or posts within them that are given certain tasks. The Silent Fang and Kell's Guard are two such groups, which have now been amalgamated under Salvation from their original Houses. Some of these syndicates are given a decent amount of autonomy, as long as it benefits the House and its members retain their loyalties to it.



Dark Council[edit]

Prime Servitor[edit]

Allied Associates[edit]

Salvation Elites[edit]

Salvation Lieutenants[edit]

Notable Automata[edit]

Notable Groups[edit]

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Grunt — The lowest rank within the House of Salvation. Formerly Dregs from other Houses now currently in the process of regrowing their lower arms. They can wield either a Shock Repeater (common) or a Shrapnel Launcher (uncommon). For melee they can summon a pair of Stasis blades to slash at enemies with.
    • Elite Grunt
    • Neophyte — Grunts armed with a Stasis energy shield to protect themselves and their allies from bullets, as well as a Shock Repeater in the other hand.
  • Rifleman — Standard frontline troops of the House of Salvation, equipped with better armor than their Grunt subordinates. They wield Shock Rifles (common), Stasis Spearguns (common) or Hailfire Rifles (uncommon). They can also throw down Glacier Grenades to create cover for themselves.
    • Elite Rifleman
  • Predator — The House Salvation equivalent to a Marauder, wearing hoods and cloaks. They are able to use specialized cloaking technology to evade detection, usually armed with either a Wire Rifle (common) or a pair of Shock Blades (common). They can also conjure and throw Duskfield Grenades to slow down and eventually freeze their targets.
    • Elite Predator
  • Lancer — Armored and agile melee warriors, who charge forward to slash or stab at their foes with a spear of solid Stasis. They can also throw their spears from a distance at enemies to inflict them with slowness and conjure a new one.
    • Elite Lancer
  • Engineer — Ranged support troops who hang back on the enemy lines, firing at enemies from a distance with a Singe Pistol (common) or more rarely, a Shock Rifle. They have the ability to deploy Shield Drones to project shields around their allies, and may also send out a Servitor Drone to heal either themselves or their allies should their health run low. With their powers, they are able to conjure stationary turrets of solid Stasis that launch a barrage of icicles at any nearby target.
    • Elite Engineer
  • Seeker — Fallen soldiers armed with Vex technology, being able to create clones of themselves that last only a single hit as well as teleport rapidly to avoid damage. They are armed with either a Hailfire Rifle (common), a Scorch Rifle (uncommon), or a pair of Shock Blades (rare). They can create Stasis tornadoes that seek out and continuously damage nearby targets.
    • Elite Seeker
  • Bombardier — Heavily armored Fallen who specialize in explosive weaponry, being seen with either a Shard Thrower (common) or the more powerful Torpedo Rifle (uncommon). Should an enemy draw too close, they can create a ring of Stasis spikes around them to knock them backward.
    • Elite Bombardier
  • Suppressor — Close-ranged soldiers of the House of Salvation who wear white cloaks, and are armed exclusively with a Frostthrower to slow down and eventually freeze their enemies. They can also throw out Coldsnap Grenades.
    • Elite Suppressor
  • Heavy Gunner — Towering, armor-clad Fallen warriors who devastate their opponents with the rotary Hailfire Cannon. They are protected by Arc shields, and can slam the ground to send out a wave of Stasis spikes to freeze or launch enemies. They also have a heavy melee attack which they can use to knock enemy players backward.
    • Elite Heavy Gunner
  • Captain
    • Captain, House Salvation — Captains that serve under the House of Salvation as field leaders, armed with better armor and tech than their Dusk counterparts. They have the ability to teleport and are surrounded by Stasis shields. Can be seen with a variety of weapons, ranging from Shrapnel Launchers (common), Shock Rifles (common), Hailfire Rifles (common), Molten Welders (uncommon), Shock Blades (uncommon), and Wire Rifles (rare). Can be seen with several different Stasis abilities. Always appear as Elites.
  • Disciple — Powerful and skilled Fallen mages who attack exclusively with Stasis. Their foremost attack is to fire a burst of Stasis icicles at their foes. They can also teleport short distances, send out a wave of Stasis spikes across the ground at close range, unleash an omnidirectional blast of Stasis at melee range, and routinely conjure a barrage of of seeking Stasis projectiles to freeze enemies instantly. When they have lost a portion of their health, they gain a new ability to fire a powerful long-ranged Stasis blast, which creates a cloud on impact that damages enemies over time.
    • Elite Disciple



  • Shank
    • Tracer Shank
    • Repeater Shank
    • Exploder Shank
    • Stasis Shank — A deadly new variant of Shank exclusive to the House of Salvation. Armed with a weapon capable of firing homing Stasis blasts to freeze enemies solid.
    • Heavy Shank
      • Heavy Repeater Shank, House Salvation: An variant of the Heavy Shank based of the Repeater Shank. It is capable of rendering all but the most heavy of armor to shreds thanks to its armor-piercing rounds.
      • Heavy Tracer Shank, House Salvation: An variant of the Heavy Shank based of the Tracer Shank. Its Wire Rifle have been enhanced to deliver heavier damage but needs to charge more to be able to shoot. To combat this flaw, it has been equipped with two small Shank Turret underneath it.
      • Heavy Exploder Shank, House Salvation: An variant of the Heavy Shank based of the Exploder Shank. Its explosion devices have been enhanced to deliver napalm explosion along with some solar acid to burn enemies to death.
  • Servitor
    • Servitor, House Salvation — Fallen Servitors employed exclusively by the House of Salvation. Aside from the obvious change in color scheme, they are more aggressive than normal Servitors, firing in bursts and using their protection aura ability more often. They can also surround themselves in a shell of Stasis for extra durability should they lose a significant portion of health.
      • Unyielding Servitor, House Salvation
  • Walker
  • Brig




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