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While darkness falls, legends will rise.

Destiny: Twisted Fate is an alternate universe of Destiny, with an altered timeline of events and lore.


Twisted Fate is a retelling of the Destiny story, which alters in-game events of both the original Destiny and it’s sequel. Some of the lore in the Destiny universe has also been altered to a certain degree. Twisted Fate also keeps most of the original cast of the series, and the overall setting, and all the places in it, is mostly intact.

Plot Summary[edit]

A Guardian Rises[edit]

Wolf Rebellion[edit]

The Monster of Luna[edit]

SIVA Containment Breach[edit]

Oryx Crisis/The Taken War[edit]

The Red War[edit]

Scorn Outbreak[edit]

Rise of Nokris[edit]

The Forsaken Prince[edit]

The Scarlet Keep[edit]