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Redux Trilogy (officially called Destiny 2: Redux Trilogy) is a planned expansion collection for the Destiny franchise. Set for release during the Paradox launch, the Redux Trilogy focuses on bridging the gaps between the releases of these main installments of the semi-rebooted franchise.


Following the fight against the Witch Queen Savathûn and her army of Hive that plagued our world, as the heroes of the last safe city turn their eyes towards the frontiers beyond the protection of the Traveler, humanity has fallen under attack once more, but this time, the Darkness has a new name: Kazuto Kirigaya, the Black Swordsman who has recruited a dark army of Shadowkeepers to launch a world-ending massacre that turned Mal evil, killed countless Auradonians and heroes, including Commander Zavala, and turned Auradon into a living nightmare. Enter mysterious worlds. Journey deep into what lies beyond Auradon. Work with the Vanguard, Eris Morn, Lucy Heartfilia, and the resurrected Cayde-6 to avenge Zavala's death and prevent the Shadowkeepers from cementing Mal's darkness before they cast humanity into an age of darkness for good. Become a slayer of our worst nightmares.

It has been several months since the defeat of Kirito and Asuna and their wretched army of Shadowkeepers, and the Solar System is still recovering from the atrocities committed by them. However, this period of peace and recovery would not last for long, for now, a mysterious interdimensional rift has opened within the depths of space, leading to a new and unexplored universe, one with alien forces the likes of which has never been seen before. When these new, powerful, terrifying threats begin to invade our universe and vice versa, it is up to the Solar Coalition and the Guardian to end the chaos.

As the City still recovers from Kirito's onslaught, a new threat emerges. Beneath Earth's crust, a cult of Heretical Warlocks have opened a massive Gateway, calling forth eldritch abominations from a realm beyond our own, seeking to reawaken Kothal from their slumber and bring the world under the will of The Void. Return to the Ascendant Plane and hunt down the Sanctum Heralds so that you can bring an end to their diabolical attack on the Traveler.