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Dredgen Scourge
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The Scarlet Devil
Queen of Worms







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Shadows of Yor (formerly)
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Warlock (Voidwalker) (Shadebinder)

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Herald of the Witness

A craving for sacrifice; teeth hungry for righteousness. A hunger that makes me feel loved.

Dredgen Scourge was an infamous Warlock who joined the Shadows of Yor upon revival by her Ghost, becoming a wave of danger and death to all in her wake. Dredgen Scourge was able to acquire Yor's original Thorn following her first death, using it to wreak havoc upon her victims.

The Dredgen's life would come to an end during the Eventinde Siege, where she would be killed by the Guardian Matthew after their turbulent and destructive battle.


Rise of the Scourge[edit]

Dredgen Scourge was risen as a guardian in the Eastern Flood Zone near a Hive Seeder Ship. Raised by her Ghost Faith, Scourge attempted to awaken one of the pods to flee the planet. During her time in the Rusted Lands, Scourge used hive runes for marking locations and communication. Scourge would be found by a wandering guardian, a Shadow of Dredgen Yor by the name of Dredgen Arch. Dredgen Arch demanded that she be his apprentice, to which she reluctantly agreed at her ghost’s disdain.

Scourge would be gifted a vintage rifle to defend herself against the dangers of the new world. Her first task as Arch’s apprentice would be to retrieve a Cleaver and a Worm for experimentation. In her search, Dredgen Scourge would find a large group of hive from the Spawn of Crota deep underground inside an abandoned possibly-Golden Age bunker. The group were led by a powerful Wizard by the name of Nok’thur, Queen of Worms, seeking to turn the bunker into a feeding grounds to grow more spawn in preparation for the God-Knight’s assault. Scourge shot at the queen with her rifle, alerting the group of her presence. The queen chanted and called upon the hive's estranged God Xol, using his power to fight the Dredgen. Scourge’s rifle had been destroyed by a blast of corrupted light as a large Knight quickly advanced towards her. Scourge’s arm surged with energy as she release a massive Nova Bomb at the knight, killing it and dropping its cleaver to the ground. The remaining seekers greatly damaged Nok’thur, leaving her defenseless against any remaining fighters. Scourge took the cleaver upon herself and killed the queen, taking her worm and escaping the bunker, subsequently mantling the title of the Queen of Worms.

On the way back to Arch’s settlement, Faith asked Scourge if she felt any different after killing the queen. Scourge replied that she didn’t, but maybe a feeling would hit her soon. When they returned to Arch, Scourge presented the worm and the blade to him, bringing the Dredgen great pleasure. Over the course of the next few months, Scourge trained under Arch to better understand her abilities. But even through the training, she felt as if there was still more to be done. Consulting Arch about her issue, she told of how she dreamed of being a great ruler with grand power. Arch mentioned how the training was supposed to shape her into that “great ruler”. Scourge, fueled by determination, took the cleaver that she brought to Arch and prepared to leave on her own. She told Arch that she would return once she had become as powerful as him, leaving their secluded haven in search for power.

Acquiring the Thorn[edit]

On her lonely voyage, Scourge first encountered a raid on a small settlement near, the perpetrators being the House of Wolves. The victims of the raid cried into the skies for help as the wolves slaughtered them en masse. Scourge jumped into action, using her blade to kill and cut down as many wolves as she could. Through the blood and fire of the village, Scourge saw a vaguely-humanoid figure though the clouds of ash. Upon closer inspection, the figure was seen to be a guardian, leading the charge against the village. The guardian noticed Scourge, cursing her but keeping his composure. He approached her slowly, welcoming her to pillage what she liked. When asked for his name, the guardian stated that that his name wasn’t important. The guardian eagerly insisted they leave the ruins upon noticing her cleaver. Noticing his ulterior motive, and having one of her own, she agreed and followed the guardian to unaccompanied armored skiff.

When entering the skiff, Faith remarked of a name etched into the side of an opened cache reading “Dmitri.” Scourge asked if that was his name, replying that it was the name of one of his victims before cackling and saying that it was his name. As the armored skiff took off into the sky, Dmitri ushered Scourge over to a desk with a red blaring datapad before raising his rifle and firing a shot at her back. Scourge deflected the bullet with her cleaver and launched herself at Dmitri, cutting his rifle in half before charging at him once more. Dmitri quickly scrambled for a Shock Blade as he retaliated. In their tussle, Dmitri jumped back, letting off a bullet from his pistol into Scourge’s shoulder. She groaned as Dmitri rushed at her; she threw her cleaver towards the skiff’s engine, tearing through the ship and free falling through the air. The skiff began to descend when Dmitri shoved his blade through Scourge’s chest; the skiff crashed and exploded in the Dwindler's Ridge, spreading fire and shrapnel all throughout the land.

Faith had looked around frantically for Scourge, finding her lying under a large sheet of metal wedged between a thick tree and a boulder. Faith revived her, telling of a high energy source nearby. Remarking that she could feel it too, Scourge crawled on her hands and knees to a green glowing mound in the dirt surrounded by fire. As her armor began to burn and melt, Scourge unearthed an ancient relic of the past, only thought to exist in legends, Dredgen Yor’s weapon Thorn. Upon grasping the weapon, she could feel it’s power run through her blood; she wanted more. Rising from the rubble, Dredgen Scourge would officially begin her quest of domination and destruction.

Path of Devastation[edit]

Destruction on Earth[edit]

Dredgen Scourge was responsible for the destruction of the large, fallen-occupied town of Old Ashton, attacking the city and destroying it single handedly. Within the city, Scourge would confront the city’s chief and protector, a captain of Kings by the name of Phyran. Phyran was known for his experimentation of the hive and their magics, secrets that were wanted by the dredgen. Phyran was begged to share his secrets with Scourge, promising to have him as her “partner.” The captain declined harshly and attempted to kill Scourge, cursing her for killing his people. With the city in ruins, Scourge murdered Phyran with her Thorn, stealing his secrets to hive magic and gaining knowledge of their powers. Phyran’s investigations would become cornerstones of outside uses of hive magic for many years to come.

Scourge would find herself in the Vostok Observatory, overrun by the forces of the Hidden Swarm. Conversations overheard by high-ranking knights told that the swarm were commanded by their champion Sardon, Fist of Crota to establish a hold over the base to search for extraterrestrial strongholds similar to Cocytus. The swarm began to attack upon noticing her, launching attacks from their warships and fortifying their position. Their leader, a knight name Vo’nun, ordered they cease fire upon recognizing Scourge as the Queen of Worms. Scourge waved her Thorn at the acolytes and thrall as they backed up cautiously. The knight kneeled in front of the dredgen, placing his boomer at her feet and pledging his allegiance to her. Scourge took advantage of her newfound power, asking the swarm what they have accomplished at the observatory. The knight responded that they have discovered a large amount of archaic energy radiating from an undesignated region on Mars, a space station of “enigmatic origin” located in the high orbit of Venus above the Waking Ruins, and a hidden seclude on the moon of Nereid suspected to be of Hive origin. Scourge turned away and holstered her weapon, walking off and slowly guiding the hive behind her as the followed. As her Thorn gleamed in the sunlight, a thrall had become deranged and attacked Scourge. She cracked the thrall’s skull as the battle continued, single-handedly killing multiple hive and evading their attacks effortlessly. Vo’nun attempted to stop the hive from attacking her when Scourge shot and killed Vo’nun without remorse. In her victory, Scourge took the chitin of the hive and created a Karve Scoutship to leave the Earth and explore the cosmos. Faith mapped the area’s mentioned by Vo’nun on Scourge's ship as they took off to find the seclude on Nereid. When the dredgen and her ghost left, members of the House of Devils began to invade and take control of the Vostok Observatory, washing away all traces of hive existence there.

Desolation of Asterion[edit]

On Scourge’s expedition to Nereid, Faith noted how Nereid had not been terraformed by the Traveler when it arrived, making a hotspot for Hive structures all over the moon. Upon arrival to their location, the dredgen and her Ghost took notice of a massive dark tower on the moon’s surface, surrounded by many smaller structures carrying Hive weaponry. Large death-powered cannons and ballistas made from rock and Hive bones littered the surface, aiming towards the ship and firing upon it. Scourge dodge the incoming fire effortlessly before a massive sphere of light began to emanate from the apex of the tower; in a flash, the sphere turned into a beam and fired towards her ship. The spacecraft was hit, its left wing burned brightly as it crashed down into a crater not too far from the fortress, titled Asterion. Faith transmats outside of the ship and searched around for his guardian. Reviving his guardian under a metal plate, Scourge kicked away the plate and groaned before getting up and looking on towards the tower. Upon further analysis of the fortress, Faith mentioned its similarity to the Hellmouth on Earth’s Moon, displaying large amounts of Ascendant Energy and a “rift” splitting through space deep beneath the tower. Scourge massaged her shoulder before unholstering her weapon and making her way towards the fortress.

For the next few days, Scourge fought her way through Asterion, killing the Hive that defended it and cataloging her exploration of the tower. Once she reached the top of the tower, she discovered the source of the flash of light originated from a large modified Shrieker holding the tower’s defenses together. The fortress’s weapons disabled once the Shrieker had been destroyed, with Scourge heading down the tower and towards the dungeons below. Within the crypts of the fortress, the brood’s champion, the God-Eater named Cryth, was seen conducting a ritual with multiple Wizards to siphon power from the dead warriors of Asterion through the use of an enchanted Cryptoglyph. The dredgen was too late to stop the ritual as the energy from their bodies had accumulated into Cryth’s new blade, awakening the Ascendant Portal behind him as he stepped through. Cryth left the Wizards behind to defeat the intruder, but they would fail in doing so, with Scourge seizing the Cryptoglyph as it would prove important in the near future. From whispers to muted shouts, Cryth would beckon Scourge to step into his world and meet her death.

Over the span of multiple decades, Dredgen Scourge and Cryth would battle within the sword world, trading devastating and world ending blows with each other to the amusement of an unseen spectator. Seen as a never ending stalemate, Faith was almost destroyed by Cryth’s blade, nearly severing the dredgen’s connection to the Traveler’s Light. Upon seeing her Ghost be spared, Scourge almost gave up her life thinking she couldn’t win against the God-Eater. But as time went on and their skills became sharpened, Scourge managed to topple Cryth to the surprise of the aforementioned onlooker. With the power of killing a God in the sword world, Scourge sectioned pieces of Cryth’s bones to fashion as armor for herself; a memento of her greatest achievement.

The portal reacted to the dredgen’s newfound power, awakening itself and taking her back to the crypts of Nereid. Scourge limped out of the portal, holding herself up against its borders as Faith healed her. When the dredgen asked how they would get off of the moon, Faith responded that they could fashion another ship with all of the unused Hive chitin and mechanics laying around. On the surface, the duo found a Hangar with a a dock of unused ships, with Scourge joking that they could just steal one instead. As Faith activated the jumpship, the two trailed off of the moon and out to the Vex station.

The Glass Splinter[edit]

On their trip to the Vex station, Scourge began to worry if she was becoming an aimless misanthrope, going through her eternal life without a true goal. She even began to feel self-hatred for her lack of apparent ideals. She was stopped by Faith, who told her that her purpose was to become the “Great Ruler” she had always wanted to be. But Scourge felt that maybe that wasn’t what she wanted anymore. Their conversation was cut short upon arriving to the station. Appearing similar to a Golden Age space station, the pair had become concerned if they arrived at the right place. But as they entered through the stations vacuum-seal doors, it had become clear that they were at the right place.

Hundreds of Vex units gathered within the seemingly infinite room, staring at the dredgen. She turned around to reopen the doors to find that they were gone, only more Vex units remained. The units began to glow in unison, the light flashing her in all directions. Within an instant, Scourge had been in a different place than where she was. She questioned if she had died and if any of that was real. Faith assured that what happened was real, mentioning that they are now trapped within a Vex simulation. When she looked around, the simulation looked similar to the Gorgons' Labyrinth, they were in the Vault of Glass. Scourge aimlessly wandered the labyrinth with no sign of the Gorgons that resided there. As she wandered, Scourge would run into a massive blurry ball of neutrino-like energy. When she touched the ball, more began to appear all around her, exploding and turning into monstrous creatures vaguely resembling reminiscent foes. The creatures quickly swarmed her and held their positions; Scourge tried to fight them, but they were invulnerable to her Thorn. As the dredgen was backed into a corner, the creatures suddenly parted to reveal a Guardian making their way over to her. The Guardian seem familiar to Faith, but he could not explain why. Scourge looked to her side, noticing a “remnant” of Vex energy pulsing through the wall. She quickly touched the energy as the area around her began to change.

In what felt like an absolute instant, Scourge was sent free falling through a space of purple and pink mist filled with floating segmented platforms. When Scourge looked straight forward, on the largest platform resided a Descendant Hydra unit with two large arms, focusing a form of blurry and bright energy in between its hands; Faith noted that the energy reading were similar to that of Scourge’s light. But before Scourge could attack or retaliate against the Hydra, she and her Ghost were transported to another simulation. It had been a few days until Scourge regained consciousness within a wet and warm forest. Scourge cackled loudly, exclaiming that their experience was becoming more fun than she expected. Scourge likened the simulations to that of a game; find the glitch and move on to the next level. Faith interjected, stating that the Vex were most likely learning to simulate paracausality through her body, urging the dredgen to find the glitch and escape the simulation as fast as possible. Scourge replied that she would do so, but wished to enjoy herself first.

Scourge would find herself in a bar run by a man named Wu Ming. The dredgen asked for a drink as she sat at one of the tables within the bar. As the bartender prepared her drink, a young Hunter would engage Scourge, asking if she had come with anyone. She replied not, focusing her attention to her holstered weapon. The Hunter sat next to her, placing his rifle on the table, asking if she liked it. Scourge, playing into his innocence, replied that she did, wondering where he got it from. The man cracked, saying that he was borrowing it from his friend; Scourge laughed and complimented the Hunter on his sense of humor. From across the tavern, a large Titan walked over to Scourge, pushing the small Hunter out of the way and placing his arm on her table. Scourge’s coy and playful demeanor had shifted to become more cold and stiff. The Titan asked where she had gotten her weapon; she replied that it was none of his business. The Titan demanded she answer the question when Scourge stood up, unholstering her weapon and putting a bullet into the Titan’s head. Fights began to break out in the bar, lightbearers killing each other with their violent abilities. The Hunter, who called himself Mark, would confront Scourge, asking if they could talk again sometime. Scourge replied that she’d be happy to as she snuck away from the bar.

They had arrived in a snowy forest far from Wu Ming’s bar; Faith demanded that Scourge find the glitch, as the threat of the Vex being able to simulate paracausality was too high to be messing around. Before Scourge could answer the question, a Hunter wearing a Devils cloak would enter the forest, staring down Scourge and her Ghost. When asked who he was, the Hunter replied that she wouldn’t live long enough to find out. The Hunter unholstered his pistol and opened fire upon the dredgen. Scourge was reluctant to fight, but deemed it was necessary. Scourge and the Hunter fought extensively until they came to a standstill; The Hunter realized it was impossible for him to win, she was too powerful. The Hunter gave up, showing his respect to Scourge for besting him in battle. It took a minute, but Scourge noticed the glitch appear on the Hunter’s chest. She “hugged” the Hunter to his surprise, transporting Scourge back into the Vex Network. Faith sighed in relief as they had finally escaped the simulation, with Scourge stating that she had a lot of fun. Before they could be put into another simulation, Scourge blinked onto a floating platform to the disdain of the Vex. The Vex Mind attempted to kill Scourge with its simulated Light, but Faith had devised a plan and given it to the Guardian. Scourge consumed her Nova Bomb to empower herself before she began punching down into the platform, cracking it and opening a portal out of the Network. She jumped into it, falling through the Vex’s inner datta, ending up directly in front of the Vault of Glass on Venus. Faith had called their jumpship to the planet as Scourge lied on the ground. He asked if anything was wrong; She replied that she had so much fun, that was the least of her worries.

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