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Biographical information

Other name(s):

Devil’s Bane







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Political and military information


Warlord (formerly)
Eschaton (mercenary)




Hunter (Gunslinger) (Nightstalker)

Notable info:

Original owner of The First Curse
Wanted by the Reef
Former client of the Red Legion


Autumn, known by his real name Maverick, is a freelance Hunter and former Warlord known for his many swift assassinations. Risen as a lightbearer in the European Dead Zone, Autumn was found by a Titan, Adelaide, whom he fell in love with. After her death, Autumn became a temporary warlord to avenge her.

After the Great Ahamkara Hunt, Autumn began to run a “business” where he would be hired as a hitman by clients.


Dark Age[edit]

Autumn was raised as a Guardian by a wandering Ghost, Willow. Following his revival, Autumn sauntered throughout the EDZ without any direction. He would encounter another guardian by the name of Callum, who challenged him to a duel. Willow detested the idea, but Autumn went through with it. Autumn was bested in the duel, in which he begged to keep his life. Callum refused, and attempted to destroy Autumn’s ghost, when Callum was killed by another guardian.

Adelaide, the guardian who saved Autumn, insisted on taking him to the town of Old Craiova for protection. Autumn and Willow obliged, following her to the village. On the way, Adelaide mentioned that she and a few of her friends were out searching for lost weapon vaults, remarking that fallen warsats could lead to potential Seraph Bunkers. Adelaide noticed that Autumn had no weapon, offering him to use her shotgun until they returned to the village.

Fall of Old Craiova[edit]

Autumn became one of the heads of Old Craiova alongside Adelaide. They lived a happy life with each other as they defended the village. Their peace would come to an end during an event known as the Fall of Old Craiova. A warlock chief of the village returned with news of the destruction of a nearby town. When asked how the town was destroyed, the chief replied that it might have been a warlord, as the destruction could have only been done by a lightbearer. In the following days, the militia would prepare for an attack on the village, with autumn insisting that he leave the village and search for the warlord. Adelaide urged him to stay, as she wouldn’t be there to save him if he was hurt, but Autumn was not swayed. They exchanged goodbyes and went their separate ways.

The next morning, a messenger from another nearby town arrived and told of a coming danger that has destroyed another town. Adelaide had become worried for Autumn, hoping and praying that he would be alright. As the night began, the fallen House of Devils attacked viciously, burning the village and killing many of the lightbearers stationed there. When Autumn returned in the morning, Old Craiova had been completely demolished. Many Lightbearers continued to fight the fallen in order to combat them in the future. As Autumn looked for Adelaide, she was killed right in front of him by Riksis, the Devil’s Archon and leader of the charge. The Devils fled the remnant of the village, leaving Autumn as the only survivor.

Autumn would declare himself as the curse of the House of Devils, stating that he would kill them all. Autumn began to grow a hatred for other lightbearers as they could not protect the love of his life. Left in a cache within an abandoned Fallen Skiff, Autumn found the First Curse, with a note stating it was being kept for examination. Autumn took the weapon as his own, donned the Devils’ colors, and left the ruins to hunt the Devils and any unworthy Lightbearers.

Campaign of Extermination[edit]