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The Lucent War


Severing of the Nightmares

The Eventide Siege


Eventide Ruins, Europa
Technocrat's Iron, Europa


  • Dredgen Scourge killed in battle
    • Her Ghost captured and given to the Spider
    • Technocrat's Iron raided and weapons put under siege
  • The Witness attemps to commune with Matthew
  • Thastaroth begins to make his move

Imperial Cabal
House of Light
The Reef
House of Spider

House of Salvation

  • Hundreds of Guardians
  • Hundreds of Imperial Cabal soldiers
  • House Light soldiers
  • Reef Forces
  • Thousands of House Salvation soldiers
  • Dozens of Guardians
  • Dozens of Imperial Cabal Soldiers
  • Hundreds of House Salvation soldiers
  • Dredgen Scourge
Civilian casualties



"We suspect that a few guardians have arrived."
"Good. Secure the forge. We will wait for them to strike."
— Dredgen Scourge and Elenaks before the attack

The Eventide Siege was a conflict between Vanguard allied forces and the House of Salvation after 4 guardians were incarcerated due to the murder of multiple guardians during Gambit matches and illegal use of Weapons of Sorrow. The House Salvation leader, Dredgen Scourge, came into contact with technology powerful enough to knock out the city's weapons in preparation for the Witness' arrival. An attempt to smuggle large amounts of this technology was thwarted by the guardian Matthew and Elsie Bray.


Before the raid[edit]