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New Light


Cry from the Grave

Dusk Over the Cosmodrome


Destiny 2: New Light


Sabotage House of Dusk operations within the Cosmodrome and discover the reason for their presence

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The Hive aren't the only threats within the Cosmodrome. Return to Shaw Han for intel on the other malicious presence within the rusted Russian spaceport, the Fallen of the House of Dusk.

Dusk Over the Cosmodrome is a Quest players acquire after completing New Light. Following the death of Navôta, Eir Spawn, and the fragmentation of the brood behind her, freshly rezed Guardians are called back to the Cosmodrome to counter the increasing Fallen presence within, discover what they are truly doing there and cripple them before they can become a serious threat.

Quest Steps[edit]


  • Return to Shaw Han in the Cosmodrome

"Hey there new blood. Hope you're not busy, because I'm in need of your help. The Cosmodrome is in need of your help. Return to me as soon as possible."-Shaw Han


{Vendor Cutscene}

  • Shaw Han - You made it! Finally. No time for chitchat, we have a serious problem. If you haven't noticed, the Hive aren't the only creatures trying to get comfortable here in the Cosmodrome. The Fallen you have encountered countless times before are members of a desperate union of fragmented Fallen houses calling themselves the House of Dusk. Since countless Guardian operations kicked down and drove out the previous four-armed occupants of the House of Devils and Kings, the remnants of these bygone houses decided to return back to their former bases of operations. Because, apparently, they didn't get the message. The first time. However, we have reason to believe they're here for something else, and that isn't just a baseless hunch. And there's no one I trusted more than you to do some sabotage and investigation. So, what do you say? Ready to break the Fallen? Again?


  • Search for a long range scanner in order to track enemy movements

"These rusted lands is a great place to find salvage worth a lot to those within the city. And even beyond it. However, we aren't the only ones that see worth in such priceless tech. Unfortunately. Luckily, you have the light and a gun on your side. Nothing here we can't handle, eh?"-Ghost


  • Shaw Han - First things first, Guardian. We can't survey Fallen operations without getting a good lay of the land. I need you to search for a broadband scanner. Find one, and I may just get a glimpse into the true size and scale of their efforts here. A wrecked ship nearby should have one. See if it has it, if not, chase down the Fallen that picked it clean. Those are the only potentialities here, especially with the Fallen. As for me, the Vanguard tasked me with scouting a Fallen mining expedition. I'll be on comms. Good luck, Guardian.

After beginning the similarly named mission

  • Ghost - Shaw, we've got eyes on the ship. Moving in.
  • Shaw Han - Copy. Intimately check it. We need that Scanner if we are to get eyes on Fallen movements. Remember, if it's not there, then some big, four armed nasty has it.

The Guardian investigates the ship

  • Ghost - Well, damn. It's not here. Which means we got some hunting to do.
  • Shaw Han - Ah, quit complaining! Taking out some Fallen delinquents shouldn't be a problem for you. There could be a way to discover where those scavengers whisked the scanner to. Some guardians set up an info cache nearby. Check the tunnels underneath the power station.

After entering the underground and taking out a squad of Marauders, a waypoint directs the guardian to a digital map of the Cosmodrome

  • Ghost - Huh. A map of the entire Cosmodrome. If this doesn't have the whereabouts of our Fallen friends, then I don't know what will.

The Guardian deploys the Ghost to the map

  • Ghost - Let's see here. Not there. Nope. Nada. Hmm... Found it! It's in a jumpship dry dock nearby! In the... place we first met, Shaw.
  • Shaw Han - Huh. Weird. Thought I cleared that place out by then.

The Guardian heads into the building and enters Dock 13. A Darkness Zone is activated and the Guardian sees a damaged component in the middle of the room

  • Ghost - The Fallen just left the scanner alone? Ah, well, they weren't really going to use it. Let's get it before they notice.
  • Shaw Han - Wait, they left it alone?

The Guardian approaches the scanner

  • Shaw Han - WAIT, GET AWAY FROM IT!

A Web Mine detonates, temporarily entrapping the Guardian. Fallen barriers wall the room in.

  • Shaw Han - Guardian, it was a trap! Run!
  • Ghost - We can't, the Fallen have blocked off our escapes!
  • Shaw Han - Damn it. Stay alive Guardian, I'm going to get you out of there!

A cacophony of distant Fallen roars are heard, and an onslaught of Fallen begins entering the room. After surviving a few waves, a loud roar is heard in the distance and Skaviks, Dusk Archon enters the arena through a hole in the wall. Skaviks speaks a few lines of Eliksni as he enters the arena.

  • Shaw Han - No, it can't be! But, I thought he- Never mind, stay alive Guardian!

The Guardian kills Skaviks and the remaining Fallen enemies

  • Ghost - *Huff* Whew, big guy is down, and it appears the Fallen are in retreat. Now what? ...Shaw?
  • Shaw Han - ...Guardian. Y- You just killed an Archon. And not just any Archon. Y- You killed a butcher. A lot of Guardians met a premature end to that bastard's hands. Good Guardians, too. When I heard that roar, I thought I would lose another Guardian to that monster. You just put the memory of all those he slew to rest. I- thank you Guardian. A lot of people will thank you. And excellent job. We've got our scanner, and we just did our first major blow to the House of Dusk. Return to me. About time we turn this thing into something useful, eh?

Mission End

  • Ghost - Wait, that was their Archon? Huh, thought he would be bigger.

Doing Damage[edit]

  • Patrol the Cosmodrome and sabotage House of Dusk operations

"You just dropped an Archon. One of the most indispensable members of a Fallen House. Without him, the link between the Fallen and their Prime Servitor has been shattered. Meaning we just broke a bit of their grip on the Cosmodrome. But an Archon is only part of a House. Let's get to doing some more damage."-Shaw Han


{Vendor Cutscene}

  • Shaw Han - Guardian. You just won the Vanguard a big victory. You took out one of the House of Dusk's Archons and got us eyes over each and every corner of the Cosmodrome. Without their precious Servitor priest, the Fallen will withdraw as much of their soldiers back to whatever dark crevice they call their den. But this means they're desperate, which makes them more of a threat. Before we get after them and drive them out from their base of operations, we need to thin out their numbers as much as we can. The House of Dusk can only stay afloat so long as they ensure control of and exploit this place. So, let's get to hunting down their operations abroad and take them down. Nothing new for a Guardian, eh?

Cutscene Ends


  • Defeat Fallen across the Cosmodrome. Elites, Majors and Ultras provide more progress.
  • Complete 5 Patrols.
  • Complete a Glimmer Extraction and Weapons Exchange Public Event.

Shadows Beyond the Wall[edit]

  • Pursue a Fallen commander and acquire an opening into House of Dusk communications

"The Fallen are starting to reel. Brilliant! Now that they're losing control over the Cosmodrome, we can finally get to taking out their command. First, we need to find a way into their network. Lucky for us, I got word of a Captain leading a scouting team beyond the wall. He's got a good enough rank to have access to some of their most secure communications. So, let's waste no time and kill two birds with one stone."-Shaw Han


{Vendor Cutscene}

  • Shaw Han - Thanks to you, Guardian, the House of Dusk is starting to weaken. Without the brunt of their forces and weaponry, they're beginning to wear thin. Now that we're drawing out more of their numbers from wherever they're hiding, I think now is the moment we begin to find out where they're pouring out from. However, the scanner only works so well and the Fallen are crafty and clever enough to shroud their movements. We need to claim something tied to their network. I just got word on a high ranking Captain coordinating operations just outside the Cosmodrome wall. Considering his position and the force backing him, it's probably safe to assume he's got access to one of the more secure channels. This is a golden opportunity, Guardian, one we cannot, must not, skip. Hunt him down and strip him of his commlink. Then we can finally begin mobilizing against their leadership and drive them out of the Cosmodrome once and for all. Happy hunting!

After beginning the mission

  • Shaw Han - Alright. Vanguard reports show that the Captain is just beyond the wall. However, we believe he's starting to get wise to our plan and has laid traps, barriers and soldiers throughout the wall's superstructure. Watch your step in there.

The Guardian progresses through The Breach, making it into the first chamber, coming across a pod of Fallen and a barrier barring further progress

  • Ghost - Ah! A barrier! Seems like our Captain really did know we were coming. Not going to stop us though. Let's find what ever is powering it.

A squad of Fallen drop from the ceiling and a Servitor emerges from the hole in the wall. After killing the Servitor, the barrier drops

  • Ghost - Aaaand... Barriers down! Let's get a move on.

After taking out a team of sniper Vandals and Tracer Shanks and evading a Web Mine, the Guardian fights off another squad of Fallen and drops another Barricade Servitor. Continuing through, the Guardian comes across more Web Mines and Trip Mines

  • Ghost - Wow, the Fallen put up a lot of traps just to keep us away from their commander. Guess that's a testament to their commitment to him.
  • Shaw Han - All the more reason to take him down. All his subordinates will collapse on themselves without a commander to keep them off each other's throats. Remember, what makes the Fallen dangerous is their ambition. We knock down their commanders, we leave behind dregs and riffraff to squabble for power like dogs for a bone.

The Guardian comes across the final barrier barring access to the Gateway. After defeating the final Barricade Servitor, the Guardian walks though the hallway leading to the exit into the open expanse where they were first resurrected

  • Shaw Han - Be careful, Guardian. If you die out there, the Captain just might take that opportunity to escape. Stay on your toes and take him out.

The Guardian enters the Gateway, coming across a Darkness Zone, a large squad of Fallen encircling a Barricade Servitor and a dome shield protecting Braskin, Stealth Captain

  • Dusk Captain - (Eliksni Speech: E sloat hu shan! Dre den. Kas shar ha!) (Translates to: "The prey bravely fights! But not for long. Destroy them!")
  • Ghost - Well, he sounds angry.
  • Shaw Han - Also seems he has a way with words! Lots of Fallen moving in on your position! Watch your back!

After taking out the Fallen squad and the Barricade Servitor, the dome shield drops and exposes Braskin

  • Shaw Han - He's exposed! Take him out!
  • Dusk Captain - (Eliksni Speech: Grrr... En e zer ra di? Ne zu kas ha!) (Translation: Grrr... Why is the Guardian not dead? I will kill them myself!)

Braskin will continue to teleport across the arena while also assailing the Guardian with his Shock Rifle. After losing a half of his health, he will retreat behind another dome shield

  • Dusk Captain - Bwahahahaha!
  • Ghost - Oh come on! Coward!
  • Shaw Han - Do not relent! We cannot allow him to escape! Find the Servitor!

After taking out the freshly spawned Barricade Servitor, the dome shield will, once again, falter and Braskin will engage the assailing Guardian

  • Dusk Captain - (Eliksni Speech: GRAAAAAH!!! Das hus ban zu! Tas hu dres! Ze en dre, e zer zu kar dis!) (Translation: GRAAAAH!!! Fight if you must. Know this means nothing. Light or not, you will die, slowly!)

The Guardian, after braving Braskin's forces and evading his volleys of Shock Rifle bolts, eventually kills him

  • Ghost - Whew! The big, angry guy is dead and his forces are retreating!
  • Shaw Han - And we got ourselves a window into the House of Dusk's comms! Grab it!

The Guardian approaches and interacts with Braskin's corpse, acquiring the inert and uncalibrated commlink

  • Ghost - Got it! Huh, it appears disabled. Are we too late?
  • Shaw Han - No. We got it in the nick of time, actually. All we need to do is register you into the network and we got ears on everything Fallen in the Cosmodrome. Come back here and we can sort that out.

Calibrating a New Window[edit]

  • Link yourself into House of Dusk communications and discover what they are truly up to

"We got ourselves a... well, rather nice looking commlink. Not all get Fallen tech that isn't bricked as soon as its user dies, so that says something about our very special definition of luck. Let's get us registered and see what the Fallen are talking about. If nothing else, we have fancy trophy that might teach us a thing or two about their language."-Ghost


{Quest Gate Dialogue}

  • Shaw Han - You just took out another link in the House of Dusk's chain and brought us closer to the true reason for their presence here! Excellent! Now, those commlinks... well, link themselves to its user's biological signature and are linked to whatever network they are assigned to, so we're gonna have to do some work here. I've detected the different comms arrays that the Fallen are probably using to broadcast their information and orders. As for the biological signature bit, well, that part's all you. Good luck.


  • Defeat Fallen while critically wounded. Captains, Shanks, Servitors and Walkers provide additional progress.
  • Follow waypoints to both Fallen and Golden Age Terminals and link your Comms into the House of Dusk network.

The Ketch Heist[edit]

  • House of Dusk leadership is meeting in the heart of their lair. Steal access keys from an incoming Ketch and defeat it's Baron.

"We're in! I'll scour it for anything of interest. ...hmm, troop movements, forwarding that to Zavala. Dig site operations, noted... A meeting. Some of the House of Dusk's leadership is meeting here in the Cosmodrome to discuss whatever plan they're enacting here, in the heart of their lair! They've got that place well defended, though. But we can improvise! One of their Barons are arriving shortly. Let's talk to Shaw about this revelation."-Ghost


{In-Game Cutscene}

  • Zavala - You've shown up! About time! Shaw's been telling me about your handiwork against the Fallen here in the Cosmodrome. Thank you for putting their Archon down for good. Have you found anything of interest?
  • Ghost - Zavala! I- Ahem, we just got word that the Fallen are meeting somewhere within the Rocketyard, in the House of Kings's former base of operations. They've got the place well defended but we believe we can circumvent the brunt of it by taking access keys from an incoming Baron.
  • Zavala - I see. I know what you're trying to do here. It's brave, but not many have boarded a Ketch and lived, let alone, face a Fallen Baron.
  • Shaw Han - They're good sir. They took down Navôta, after all.
  • Zavala - Indeed. But the Fallen are a whole new bag of tricks. They're ambitious, resourceful, crafty and, at times, forward-thinking. An attack is probably something they will expect, or even want. I'm not saying tha-

Suddenly, a Ketch comes out of warp, shaking the Cosmodrome and throwing both Zavala, Shaw and the Guardian out of balance. The ship then touches down outside the wall

  • Shaw Han - Shanks and Pikes!
  • Zavala - That must be your Baron, then. Very well. As much as I want the Fallen's grip on the Cosmodrome to slip for good, that cannot happen when a Guardian as talented as you is lost. Please, exercise caution.
  • Ghost - Fear not, commander! Certain death firefight scenarios are our specialty!
  • Zavala - Hmm. Guardian, good luck.

Zavala transmats out of The Steppes, the quest then appears in The Divide. The Guardian goes up to the Quest marker and starts The Ketch Heist mission

  • Shaw Han - I hate to admit it, Guardian, but Zavala is right. Taking out an Archon is one thing, but raiding a Ketch and taking out a Baron and their lackeys is a whole other ordeal.
  • Ghost - Nothing we can't handle, right?
  • Shaw Han - Maybe. Just watch your back in there, alright? Like Zavala said, the Fallen are a clever bunch, they've probably got traps in there. Best of luck!

The Guardian enters the breach, coming across a few squads of Fallen soldiers, Web and Trip Mines and a scattered grouping of Major class Vandals, called Dusk Guards. After killing a few of the Dusk Guards and progressing deeper into the Breach

  • Ghost - Whew. Those guys were tough.
  • Shaw Han - Those were ex-Kell's Guard, Wolves' Guard and all other ruthless, brutish elites from bygone Houses. Means your getting close to the Baron. Keep your guard up.

The Guardian comes out into the Gateway and comes across the massive Ketch, Duskship Deksis-Syn, as well as a massive onslaught of Fallen. A barrier shield protects the main deck of the Ketch

  • Ghost - That is a really big ship. And that is a lot of Fallen.
  • Shaw Han - Break the tide and get in there.

After taking out most of the Fallen squads and taking out the Barricade Servitor protecting it, the barrier drops, allowing access to the deck of the Ketch, however, another barrier would block off the the cargo bay. After taking out the descending Fallen and second Barricade Servitor, the barrier, once again, drops, and an onslaught of Fallen, lead by a Resilient Captain. After taking out the Captain and their squad, the Guardian is free to delve deeper into the ship

  • Ghost - Whew! Fallen are taken care of and we're in the ship. What now?
  • Shaw Han - Excellent! The bridge should be just ahead of you. Stay vigilant though. If the Baron didn't suspect you coming then, he sure does now.

The Guardian navigates the Fallen occupied halls of Duskship Deksis-Syn, taking out a few emplaced Security Turrets and patrolling Dusk Guards they come across. The team finally arrives in one section of the bridge occupied by a scanning Pilot Servitor and a large patrol of Fallen.

  • Ghost - We've made it to the bridge! No sign of the Baron though.
  • Shaw Han - Maybe he got wise to our plan. Clear the room and comb through the ship's security feed.

After taking out the bridge crew, the Guardian is lead to a security terminal. The Guardian deploys the Ghost to scan it.

  • Ghost - Hmm. Where are you? Hmm. Aha! He's currently hiding in his throne room, a few corridors down! Looks like he's expecting us.
  • Shaw Han - Well, Guardian, don't keep him waiting.

The Guardian follows the waypoint towards the ship's throne room, facing off against emplaced Security Turrets and Fallen guards. The Guardian finally arrives in the ship's throne room, where they encounter Viliks, Dusk Baron and two Dusk Guards readying their weapons

  • Ghost - There's our Baron!
  • Shaw Han - Take him down.

Viliks and the Guardian face off. Despite his reinforcements and well-trained Dusk Guards, the Guardian eventually assassinates Viliks

  • Ghost - We did it! Shaw, the Baron is down.
  • Shaw Han - Exceptional work! Snag his access keys, get out of there and rendezvous in the Grottos. It's time we shatter the House of Dusk's grip on the Cosmodrome and discover the reason for their presence.

Butcher's Bill[edit]

  • With Key Codes in hand, delve deep into Fallen territory, break a meeting between key leadership and discover what they've been doing in the Cosmodrome.

"We won't get another shot at something like this. The Fallen don't meet up like this often, and I bet they won't stick around long once they hear that one of their Barons bit a bullet. Get in there and take them down before they even get a chance to run. We're counting on you."-Shaw Han


The quest appears at The Grottos. Upon interaction, the Guardian is thrown into the Butcher's Bill mission, facing a battle between the Hive and Dusk Fallen

  • Shaw Han - This is it Guardian. Infiltrate the Fallen's command center and break their grip on the Cosmodrome. Remember, you're in there deep, we can't exfiltrate you until the Fallen are all but neutralized.

Suddenly, a Fallen jamming signal is released and Shaw's comms begin to garble

  • Shaw Han - Damn! The Fall- ... -nd have deployed a j--ming signal. Search for anyth- -ght be emitting i-----.
  • Ghost - Shaw? I can't reach him. Seems like the Fallen have now started to get wise to our actions. Let's look for anything that might be emitting a jamming signal. I think I'm picking it up deeper inside.

After getting past the battling Hive and Fallen, the Guardian enters the Grotto arena and sees more of the two groups engaging, the Hive trying to drive out the invaders and the Fallen trying to expand their territory into the Hive nest. Guarding the Glimmer Drill and an energy barrier posted at the end of the cave is a band of Fallen and a Major Servitor variant called a Jamming Servitor.

  • Ghost - There! The Servitor up there is the one emitting the jamming signal! Take it out and the comms interference should clear.

The Guardian engages both parties of assailants. Once the Jamming Servitor is destroyed, the Ghost will remark

  • Ghost - Servitor down! ... but, there is still some interference coming from nearby. Darn. Whelp, let's get back to hunting then.

After taking out all enemies within the arena, the barrier will fall, allowing the Guardian to progress into the Refinery, where they will see more Fallen and Hive engaged in combat.

  • Ghost - The Hive here are aggressive! Granted, they are death-worshipping, murderous alien monsters, of course, but I've never seen them this... malicious. I guess taking out Navôta made them desperate. Well, at least they're softening the Fallen for us. Let's continue towards the command center.

After taking out the assailing enemies around the Seeder Ship, another barrier falls. The Guardian finally comes across the Hive battling the Fallen, backed by a supporting Jamming Servitor, in the exiting hallway of the Refinery.

  • Ghost - There's the other Servitor. Take it down.

The Guardian finally slays the last Jamming Servitor

  • Shaw Han - ---dian? Guardian come in. Please respond.
  • Ghost - We're here, Shaw. The Fallen must have known we were coming and tried to sever comms. We're approaching the old King's Watch as we speak.
  • Shaw Han - Good. Because I wanted to warn you that we've picked up some more of the Dusk's forces mobilizing towards the command center now. Looks like they're trying to seal the entrance with barrier projectors. You're going to have to destroy them if you hope to enter the complex.

The Guardian enters the Rocketyard and head towards the entrance to the King's Watch, but are blocked off by another energy barrier. Upon patrolling the Rocketyard, the Guardian comes across 1 out of 3 active shield pylons. After taking out their protectors, a barrier surrounding it's volatile power source falls.

  • Ghost - Look! The power source is exposed! We could disconnect it from the device and power it down.

The Guardian destroys the fuel canister.

  • Ghost - Or, we could just destroy it and risk blowing up half the Rocketyard.

If the Guardian is a Titan

  • Shaw Han - Well, what would you expect from a Titan as bold as yours?

If the Guardian is a Hunter

  • Shaw Han - You forget, Ghost, Hunters are made for solving things outside the box.

If the Guardian is a Warlock

  • Shaw Han - Perhaps our Warlock knew how to make the best of this situation.
  • Ghost - Fair point.

The Guardian destroys the remaining two shield projectors, thus bringing down the shield protecting the entrance to King's Watch. A large contingent of Vandals backed by an Elite Captain flood out from it in the hopes of keeping the Guardian out. A secondary laser grid activates behind them.

  • Ghost - That's it! Barrier should be down! Let's get moving, before the Fallen try to escape.

The Guardian takes out the defenders and plugs in their key codes into the terminal, bringing down the laser grid. They finally enter the complex.

  • Shaw Han - Guardian. I wish I could say that the City has your back in there, but I would be lying. You are on your own in there. Good luck.

The Guardian finally loads into the King's Watch, coming across a Darkness Zone and a bunch of powerful Fallen guards. The Guardian navigates through the complex, contending with Tracer and Exploder Shanks, Dusk Guards and Security Turrets. Finally, the Guardian enters the command room, coming across four named Captains, Gethris, Machinist Captain, Phyriks, Excavation Captain, Nathrax, Assault Captain and Drelsiss, Dusk Baroness, conversing around and interacting with a holographic display of the Traveler.

  • Ghost - Let's end this.
  • Shaw Han - Give them their eviction notice!

Upon engagement, Drelsiss will temporarily retreat while the subordinate Captains will teleport to opposite sides of the room. Once all Captains have been dealt with, Drelsiss will reappear to attack her assailants. Despite Drelsiss's arsenal, drone shielding, mechanical support and Fallen guards, she finally falls at the hands of the Guardian. The Darkness Zone lifts and the Fallen retreat.

  • Ghost - *Whoof* That's all of them. Shaw, it's done. The Fallen here are all but crippled.
  • Shaw Han - Maybe. Let's check what intel they have on that terminal there and get a good look at the size of their operations.

The Guardian is directed to the Traveler display and is prompted to interact with it. They deploy the Ghost to investigate it.

  • Ghost - Hmm... I'm getting headers about weapons stockpiles, resource logistics, refueling depots... some heavily encrypted file about a project... Godshackle? Wait. The location of their Prime Servitor!
  • Shaw Han - What?! Where?!
  • Ghost - Somewhere nearby. Right under the colony ship!
  • Shaw Han - I'll contact Zavala immediately. This is an opportunity we cannot pass up on. Meet with me as soon as possible.

Golden Opportunity[edit]

  • Return to Shaw Han to discuss a plan to take down the House of Dusk's Prime Servitor.

"Prime Servitors are basically the heart of a Fallen House. They serve as the source of their sustenance, their religion, and their fanaticism. Without them, the results for the House can be devastating to the point of their extinction. May this be reason enough to get this done. Meet with me to discuss a plan of attack."-Shaw Han


{Vendor Cutscene}

  • Shaw Han - Guardian, I understand you had one hell of a day today, but I need to ask you for one more favor. The House of Dusk's Prime Servitor, Deksis Prime is now more exposed than ever thanks to you and the House's Fallen know that. As we speak, they are actively trying to bolster their defenses around the lair. We let it go, the Fallen will undo everything we did here as if it were all for nothing. We cannot pass this opportunity. Zavala has greenlit a strike against them and has already dispatched a pair of Guardians to assist in the attack. Link up with them, punch through their defenses and bring down Deksis. Best of luck, Guardian.


  • Delve deep into the heart of House of Dusk territory and destroy their machine god. Complete the Devil's Lair.

"So, just as a heads up, the Fallen revere their Prime Servitors like gods. While they certainly aren't more impressive than your standard, run-of-the-mill Servitor, they will definitely have a LOT of back-up. To me, going anywhere near that place would mean certain death, but, then again, I'm just following your lead."-Ghost


The Guardian fireteam arrives at the opposite side of the Rocketyard in the Cosmodrome

  • Shaw Han - Guardians, do you read me?
  • Ghost - We hear you, Shaw. We are linked up and on our way to the facility.
  • Shaw Han - Excellent. As you know, our target is the House of Dusk's local Prime Servitor, Deksis. The thing has been feeding the local Fallen Ether since it was first built within the former House of Devils' lair. With everything you've been doing here, it is now more exposed than ever. Get in there and destroy it, we will not have another shot at this.

The Guardians enter the and encounter House of Dusk forces engaging the local Hive

  • Ghost - Huh? Shaw, the Hive are here.
  • Shaw Han - Probably ambitious remnants of Navôta's brood looking to reinforce themselves. Regardless, they stand in your way, take them down.

After defeating the invading Hive and House of Dusk defenders, including a few Dusk Guards, the Guardians are prompted to the terminal in the middle of the room

  • Ghost - Damn! The Fallen have sealed the entrance to their lair. Let me at that terminal, I'll see what I can do.

After interfacing with the terminal, a Darkness Zone falls on the arena and an onslaught of Fallen arrive

  • Ghost - Uh oh. Uh, keep them off me and I'll try and get that grid down soon.

The Guardians defeat the first wave

  • Ghost - Wow, the Fallen really employed the best firewall here.
  • Shaw Han - Ghost, focus.
  • Ghost - What? It's not like this already advanced system is linked to a-

A Fallen siren is heard in the distance

  • Ghost - Yeah, I'll work faster.

The second wave falls

  • Shaw Han - Ghost, how much longer?
  • Ghost - Almost got it! Just a heads up, though, I'm picking up a lot of Fallen and Hive coming this way.
  • Shaw Han - Get ready, Guardians!

Hive skirmishers and Fallen guardians enter the arena, with the latter eventually reinforced by Etraks, Deksis's Protector. The Guardians neutralize the Major Captain and the laser grid barring further access into the Dusk's lair

  • Ghost - Got it! Haha! Advanced security grid my hind shell!
  • Shaw Han - Great work! Continue to make your way to their lair. Expect some fierce opposition.

The Guardians enter The Blast, discovering the vast and fierce opposition between them and Deksis. A Fallen Skiff approaches with a Fallen Walker and two Brigs land on the left and side of the vast arena.

  • Ghost - Yeah, you weren't kidding by 'fierce opposition'.
  • Shaw Han - Their funeral. Take 'em out!

The Guardians slowly but surely take out the Fallen army before them and destroy the Walker and Brigs. The Gate to the Devil's Lair opens.

  • Ghost - We are in, Shaw! So, this is the former Devil's Lair, huh?
  • Shaw Han - Impressive, isn't it? Hidden under the shadow of an ancient colony ship and easily defensible from ground. All the more reason why we have to take out Deksis.

The Guardians arrive in the location itself and and come before a closed door

  • Ghost - We're here. Well, here goes nothing, hehe.

The door opens, revealing a cadre of Fallen surrounding a dormant Desks Prime. After neutralizing the Fallen, Desks awakes and locks its shell into place

  • Ghost - Its awake!
  • Shaw Han - Good luck, Guardians!

The Guardians engage Deksis and its protectors. Despite it's defenses and protective measures, the Fireteam gets the Prime Servitor's health down to the final health bar.

  • Shaw Han - Deksis has nowhere to go! Take it down!

The Guardians finally destroy Deksis and its defenders finally retreat.

  • Ghost - We- we did it. The House of Dusk's Prime Servitor is destroyed. Ha ha ha! Shaw, Deksis is down!
  • Shaw Han - I'm in absolute disbelief myself. After Navôta, I should have expected you to come up on top, yet, still, you impress me Guardian! Without Deksis, the House of Dusk will scatter into crews at worst. Excellent work, Guardian. Come meet me for a debriefing whenever possible,

Ebbing of the Tide[edit]

  • Deksis has been destroyed! Meet with Shaw Han to bring the good news.

"We did it! Against all odds, we brought down the House of Dusk's kitbashed machine god and broke their grip on the Cosmodrome! Guardian, what you did here is monumental! Let's get back with Shaw and see what he has to say. ...but, I'm superstitious though. What is this 'Project Godshackle', and why do the Fallen not want even their own to know about it?"-Ghost


{Vendor Cutscene}

  • Shaw Han - Unbelievable, Guardian. A machine god falls, the Fallen scatter to the wind and the Cosmodrome becomes... well, a little bit more quiet than it was before. After Navôta, I thought there was nothing that could supersede that victory, but this? The Fallen are crafty, devious devils whose ambitions knows no bounds. If we let them go for any longer, they could have become a greater threat than we ever anticipated. Even just then, we had some nasty monsters within their ranks. Skaviks, Viliks, Drelsiss, Deksis. You may not know it yet, but a lot of Guardians would thank you for what you have done here. But, of course, we know this isn't the last we'll see of them. This "Project Godshackle" sounds nothing good. This... will take some time to decrypt. And who knows what the House of Dusk might do by the time the decryption is complete. But for now, thanks Guardian. And until next time.

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