Bound Taken Wizard

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Bound Taken Wizard
Biographical information




Major (Legendary)


Taken Wizard

Combat information




SolarS.png Necromantic Gaze
Rapid Flight
Midair Levitation
Summon Shadow Thrall
Prismatic Custom Colour.svg Prismatic Protection


Bound Taken Wizards are a variant of Taken Wizards. Their combat mechanics are almost identical to original Taken Wizards, with the only difference being that they are bounded with Prismatic Protection.


Bound Taken Wizards are encountered during the boss fight against Dolgith, Blade of Reasoning, guarding the Taken Blights, which must be destroyed to summon the portal to the Resonant Warders. They fight almost identically to any other Taken Wizard of their kind, with the only difference being that they are empowered by Prismatic Protection that blocks any incoming damage from the Guardian. The only way to break this shield is to enter Transcendence, which can be done by killing enemies with Light and Darkness-aligned damage, applying Light or Darkness-aligned buff or debuffs, standing within Prismatic wells, or shooting bound enemies if a Guardian's Transcendence bar is not filled. Once the protection is broken, the Taken Wizard is unable to restore it, leaving them vulnerable until they are slain.