Opulent Chieftain

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Opulent Chieftain
Biographical information




Solar Chieftain




Gambit Prime

Combat information


SolarS.png Scorn Blaster


High Durability
Rapid Movement
SolarS.png Absorption Shield
SolarS.png Ether Torch
KineticS.png Scorn Melee


Opulent Chieftains are a Major type of Solar Scorn Chieftains that appear in the Gambit activity,[1] and Gambit Prime formerly,[2] in which they act as High-Value Targets. They possess a glowing, white aura that makes them unique from other Chieftains.


Opulent Chieftains can be encountered when the Scorn are the featured enemy race of the match, which will occur exclusively on the Deep Six and Legion's Folly maps. They will only appear once per match, so you and your Fireteam will have one shot at eliminating them before they are gone.

Not long into the match, the Drifter will announce that a High-Value Target is on the field. Once they have arrived, they will begin to quickly make their way to the opposite side of the map. Players will have a limited time to the kill them before they reach their destination. If this happens, the Drifter will say that they target is preparing to depart, and you will only have a few seconds left to kill them before they despawn. Although the target has a large amount of health, they will bleed Motes of Dark as they take damage, and if you are successful in killing them, they will drop a substantial amount of Motes.

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