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Edge Wars


Long Drift


Eliksni siege

Gray Wars
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Unknown Star System


Decisive victory for the House of Lions

  • Death of Sky's military leaders e.g. The Kell of Sky
  • Death of Yorvik
  • House of Sky broken
  • Joskaa succeeds as the next Kell of Lions

House of Sky

House of Lions

Joskaa's rebels


House of Sky

House of Lions

  • Ketchs
    • Skiffs
      • Walkers

Joskaa's Rebels


Most of the Sky nobility

Numerous Fallen warriors, including 4 of their leaders

Several rebels

Civilian casualties

Striviis enclaves


"The Gray Wars is something, us Lions will never forget. Despite we won the War, we lost many as well...but will stay strong and defeat our enemies, House Lions will stand strong, stand together against anything that goes in our way...yes?"
Joskaa's Journal

The Gray Wars was one of the biggest conflicts in the Eliksni's history, rumored to be more bigger than the Reef Wars. The conflict started around in the aftermath of the Whirlwind, between the House of Lions and the House of Sky.


The Whirlwind[edit]

Courses over the War[edit]

Battle of Striviis[edit]

As the wars began, many of the Lions would battle out against the Fallen Sky, both sides equaling each other with their strength, numbers, and resources, fighting mostly in the jungles of Striviis with some battles happening within the atmosphere and within the rings of the planet. As the wars continued a stalemate would form as the Sky would fortified their position on Striviis and their Kell going into hiding, using their ships to push back the Lions back into the rings of Striviis and forming a massive blockade to keep them out, weakening the Lions' chances to get back into the planet.

However, the stalemate would soon be broken by a rag-tag gang of freelance Fallen from the Lions, titled: "The Skybreakers", whom would slip into Sky's fortifications and destabilized the Sky's barricade and allowed the Lions to return to form a beachhead back onto Striviis, utilizing the broken-in base that the Skybreakers used. With the problem out of the way, the Lions would send out their forces to hunt down the Sky's leadership and eliminate them in order to break the Sky's morale, spearheaded by the Skybreakers themselves. This would result in most of the Sky's nobility diminishing from the planned assassinations, to the point of Raviks Prime, the Sky Prime Servitor, to be taken into obscurity from the Lions to prevent it's destruction. However, despite the lost of their nobility, the House of Sky would continue on, thanks to the command of the Kell of Sky, seeing this, the Lions would soon attempt to locate the Kell in order to finally break the Sky House. Assisted by one of their own spies, they would search and found the House of Sky's main lair and their Kell, finding this opportunity, Yorvik would bring and combine all of his forces for the final assault against the House of Sky. Blanketing themselves away from tracking of Sky, and jamming any Sky comm signals to alert of an attack, Yorvik and his fleet would break into the Sky's lair and sneak attacked the House of Sky from within their lair. Which resulted in the forests of Striviis to be almost completely wiped out and the death of the Kell of Sky, finally breaking the House of Sky once and for all.

Travel to the Sol System[edit]

The Traitorous Baron[edit]

Rule of the Tyrant[edit]

The Burning Blade's Rebellion[edit]

End of Skevsis[edit]

The Aftermath[edit]

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