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Tariks, Lion Baron
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Tariks, Lion Baron was a Fallen Baron from the House of Lions.

When Yorvik, Kell of Lions, perished by the House of Sky, Tariks became one of claimants (along side Skrisah, the Wise and Skeklos, the Prowling) to the Lion Kellship, while he and Skeklos trying to get an edge over the situation, by trying to take control over the Andiks Servitors. Skrisah took control over the Jobkis Servitors, due to a unknown reason. However, she perished by Skeklos's fleet, causing a two-way battle between him and Skeklos. But sadly, he too couldn't be able to defeat him and was killed by Skeklos, tricking the House of Sky into destroying him. Causing him to be the only one to become the Kell of Lions.