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Grimoire Timekeeper.jpg
Map overview


House of Wolves expansion


Meridian Bay, Mars

Gameplay overview

"Never seen anything like it. Orsa... or Vale. Whatever he calls himself. Coming out on top wasn't even in his plans. He'd just drop us then leave our Crests scattered around the combat zone. I don't think he collected one. Others didn't care. Figured it gave them a chance to pull the win. But I cared. Win or not, that kinda cocky ain't healthy."
"I don't think "cocky" is the right word.
Hunter and Titan[1]

Timekeeper is a Crucible map located in Meridian Bay, Mars.[2]

Grimoire description[edit]

"Gears are busted, but if this clock ever starts ticking...? We'll be outta luck, and outta time."
— Grimoire card

Another mysterious structure built by the Vex millennia ago or to come. The rogue Warlock Osiris once theorized that this place, and others like it, were tuned to react only with presence of the Darkness itself.



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