The Devils' Lair (strike)/Walkthrough

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The Devil's Lair/Walkthrough
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Cosmodrome, Old Russia, Earth


The Devils' Lair (strike)



Starting Gear[edit]





Players will begin in the Rocketyard, a public area. Ahead of them will be Hive and Fallen forces battling each other; while there are mostly Dregs and Acolytes exchanging fire, there is at least one Knight and one Servitor in the immediate area that must be destroyed. Several more enemies are up ahead, including two Knights armed with Boomers in the pond near the entrance to the Refinery. Players can choose to avoid all of these enemies and head directly into the Refinery or to dispatch them first.


Objective: Hack the Mesh Generator while defending against 3 enemy waves.

Upon entering the Refinery, players will enter a Darkness Zone; from this point on, no other Guardians will spawn. After clearing the Refinery of all surrounding enemies, the players will be prompted by Ghost to start hacking the mesh generator in order to proceed. Before it's deactivation, a Dead Ghost can be found in a small room near the entrance to The Grottos (the Hive spawn in that area). Three waves of enemies will start attacking the guardians; be on the lookout for multiple Stealth Vandals equipped with snipers up in the rafters, as well as on the ground. Multiple high-ranking enemies will start to appear, including several Captains, Wizards, as well as Naksis, Devil Baron. Once all enemies have been dispatched, the mesh generator will be deactivated and players can enter The Blast.

The Blast[edit]

Miniboss: Devil Walker

This large open area contains multiple Fallen enemies, including a single Devil Walker. To proceed, the players must destroy the Walker. While it generally doesn't stray from its position, it has taken up a formidable position at the top of a hill, with multiple Fallen supporting it at the base and sides of the hill. A building in the center provides some cover from the Walker, but there are also a few Vandal snipers in the ruined building to the Walker's right so be on your guard. It is possible to flank it on the left and right edges of the of the area, though there is slightly less cover on the left than on the right. Players should try to take opposite sides of the map so that the Walker has to rotate whenever it is being aggroed, and concentrate all their firepower on one leg at a time.

It is crucial to be mindful of the Walker's attacks, which are easy enough to avoid if the proper precautions are taken. The missile launcher will charge up before it fires, and the cannon's laser will show where it is being aimed; use both as a signal to retreat to adequate cover or to dodge fire. The nose-mounted minigun is easy enough to avoid if a Guardian is sufficiently far away or is moving quickly enough. The bouncing mines can be avoided, though generally they tend to roll down the hill, so it's best not to camp down below. Lastly, the Walker has a short-range melee attack in the form of a shockwave, which it will do every time it gets back up from being staggered, as well as whenever a Guardian gets too close.

If the players didn't bring any ammo consumables, there is a possibility of running out of ammunition. Killing the Shanks that the Walker deploys, or any of the Fallen that appear, can yield ammo, but be advised that the Walker may target players out in the open collecting ammo if it isn't currently being distracted. Moreover, even if you kill all the other Fallen enemies, more may appear so long as the Walker is still alive. Before leaving, there is another Dead Ghost to the left of the Walker, up a set of stairs and on a table.

The Devils' Lair[edit]

Boss: Sepiks Prime

After defeating the Devil Walker, players will now enter the lair proper. Sepiks Prime will be in the center of the area, shielded but immobile. Killing all of the Fallen around Sepiks Prime will cause it to lower its shield and begin attacking. Using the crates for cover will help, but Sepiks will teleport randomly around the area, including behind the Guardians. Furthermore, more waves of Fallen will appear periodically via Skiffs.

Sepiks Prime has two attacks: one is a Void Blast, similar to normal Servitors except that it can fire three at a time and have a wider blast radius. The second is the Void Beam, a short-range attack that rapidly does damage over time to any target that is close enough. Sepiks' weak spot is its eye, so concentrating fire on it will bring it down more quickly.

The scaffold to the left of the entrance can be climbed and is normally inaccessible to enemies (except for Shanks), so an alternative strategy is to place everyone up there and focus all firepower on Sepiks Prime, killing Shanks when necessary and avoiding potential blasts from reinforcing Skiffs.

Before the mission ends, be sure to pick up the Golden Chest beneath the ramp on the right, for extra loot and working towards unlocking an Uncommon Sparrow.

Walkthrough (Rise of Iron version)[edit]






Starting Point

In this version, the strike will start off as usual. There will be Hive and Fallen fighting each other, but you can simply avoid these enemies and move on to the next objective. Be careful, though. There are Hive Traps that you need to be aware of. Stepping on them will detain you, similar to the detainment bubbles in the Vault of Glass Raid, and you will not be able to move. The only way to free yourself is by shooting the actual trap itself. This will prevent it from going off later, and it can also be shot at before it is triggered, allowing you to walk over it without worry.


Objective: Deactivate Grid Layers

This section of the strike is nearly identical to its predecessor. The major differences, though, are that instead of regular Fallen, you will be fighting Splicers that come from slightly varied spawn locations than before, and that you only need to deactivate two mesh layers rather than three. Also, instead of Naksis, Devil Baron there will be a named Splicer Captain called Dresiks, Splicer Baron. He is armed with a Scorch Cannon, allowing him to deal enormous damage across the area. He must be killed in order to fully deactivate the mesh layers. Alternatively, on the Hive version of the strike, there will instead be a Major Hive Wizard, named Rakta, the Mournful, who will have to be killed to deactivate the grid layers to move on to the next area.

The Blast[edit]

Boss: Splicer Walker

Wherever there would usually be a normal Fallen Walker, a Perfected Walker will now appear. Perfected Walkers are more dangerous than their regular Fallen counterparts in that their weapons have higher ballistic velocity and a higher fire rate, and they all deal Solar damage. The main changes, however, are now that there will be SIVA Nodes where you would think about standing, and that the Walker now has two upgrades: its main cannon will now fire a cluster of very aggressively tracking missiles, which deals immense damage, and its legs will fire Splicer Seekers at will. Fortunately, like its regular counterpart, it can be staggered by shooting its legs in order to expose the vulnerable core in the head. This core should be focused fire to deal as much damage as possible.

The Devils' Lair[edit]

Boss: Sepiks Perfected

Sepiks Perfected will start out the way he usually does. He is initially immune yet immobile. Kill all the Splicers in the room to awaken Sepiks, who will then start attacking all Guardians in sight. He has been refined to be more dangerous than his regular Fallen counterpart, Sepiks Prime. For one, the new Sepiks' directed energy weapon fires in bursts of five as opposed to one, has greater accuracy and range as well as a faster ballistic velocity, deals more damage, and has a degree of tracking. This potent combination will keep players in cover longer than usual. Also, Sepiks will have planted down SIVA Nodes for area denial, for anyone who walks to close to them will get the SIVA Swarm debuff, which will rapidly eat away at your health until either you die or get out of the way. However, the main mechanic is that it will bring up an elemental shield that can only be brought down by using a Shock Cannon, Scorch Cannon, or a Null Cannon depending on the type of elemental shield. In order to get these cannons, you must kill Shock Captains, Splicer Scorch Captains, Null Captains. These cannons each have only one shot before they disappear. This means you need to make your shots count because if you don't, then you need to kill the cannon-carrying Splicer Captains again. Once all elemental shields have been taken down, Sepiks Perfected will be permanently vulnerable.

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