SIVA Key Fragments

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"Used to upgrade Wrath of the Machine raid gear. 10 of these can also be consumed to create a SIVA Cache Key, which opens SIVA Caches in the Wrath of the Machine raid."
— Item Description

SIVA Key Fragments are a Material that can be used to craft SIVA Cache Keys and upgrade armor obtained from the Wrath of the Machine Raid.


SIVA Key Fragments drop throughout Wrath of the Machine off of bosses and from loot chests. Ten Fragments can be used to craft a single SIVA Cache Key which are needed to open a SIVA Cache within the Raid. The Fragments can also be used on their own to re-roll any Wrath of the Machine gear the player may have and alter the stats and perks randomly.


Unused SIVA Cache Keys can be turned into Shiro-4 and be traded back for SIVA Key Fragments.

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