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"We all have creators — humans, Exo, Warminds, even those poor Awoken. Some are just easier to find."
— Lord Timur

Lord Timur was one of the Iron Lords and a Warlock.[1] A talented Stormcaller, fearless warrior, and avid researcher, Timur took an extreme amount of joy in creating new ways to fight the Darkness.[2]


"Have you ever wondered what it is that calls to you in that void of memory, where the edge of the past infects your present? It's an itch you can't scratch, isn't it? Well maybe you can."
"You think I am one of them? That all Exo are—"
"Lord Felwinter, I know what you are. And you are no Warmind or even one of its puppets. Come. [...] Hmm. Warmind. You are certainly as stubborn as one.
— Lord Timur and Lord Felwinter[2]

Timur joined the Iron Lords to end the reigns of terror wrought by some of the earliest generations of Guardians, a tyrannical group known as the Warlords. While exploring the Mothyards in the Cosmodrome of Old Russia, Timur encountered the Warlord Felwinter, in whose territory Timur was trespassing. From the mysterious Exo, Timur learned of the existence of SIVA and recruited Felwinter into the Iron Lords. Soon after, Timur and the other Iron Lords made their headquarters at Felwinter Peak, which was Felwinter's former seat as a Warlord.[3] Intrigued by SIVA's potential, Timur devoted himself to tracking down the technology. Whether by himself or dragging more of his fellow Lords along, he followed every lead on Clovis Bray's lost secrets he could find.[2]

However, like several other Warlocks, his attempts to understand and find SIVA drove Timur into madness.[4] He became incapable of focusing, and making wild assumptions, but nonetheless had flashes of brilliance.[2] Even Colovance, a student of his who greatly admired him, admitted that his search took him over the edge.[4]

Eventually, his search bore fruit as the Lords discovered SIVA's location. However, upon reaching what would become the Plaguelands, Rasputin's defenses and SIVA's constructs, the Lords were almost eliminated. Timur was one of the nine to make it to the replication chamber, only to be sealed inside during the battle and eventually killed.

The newest generation of Iron Lords occasionally honor his memory by taking up one of his old artifacts. As Timur once used it to turn entire hordes of enemies against each other, they can now use it to do the same, albeit on a smaller scale.[2]


  • The legendary hand cannon Timur's Lash, named after the weapon he once owned[2], was available in the early version of the Iron Banner.
  • Though Timur shared many similarities to Toland and Osiris in having an obsession that drove him to near madness, he was never exiled by his fellow Iron Lords, though it did worry them, as his tireless research into SIVA bore fruit.
  • Timur is most likely named after the late medieval Turco-Mongol conqueror, Timur (1336-1405).

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