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Destiny 2


Season of Strife



Recommended Power Level:



European Dead Zone, Earth
Arcadian Valley, Nessus
Tangled Shore and Dreaming City, Reef
Ocean of Storms, Moon


Survive waves of desperate and dangerous enemies

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"The Neon Wraiths have driven the toughest of humanity's enemies out from their strongholds. Take out their desperate leadership and prevent them from acquiring a foothold in new territories."
— Season of Strife's description of the Onslaught Activity

Onslaughts are wave-based, matchmake activities where Guardians face off against massive waves of hostiles in hectic combat scenarios. Taking place in old, occupied territories, generally left unused since Content Vaulting, Guardians venture into once barren arenas now often filled to the brim with aggressive and powerful enemies.


Once a team is assembled, they will spawn in the respective Onslaught battlegrounds they joined, first seeing either an interactive device or a destructive asset like a fuel canister or Hive Crystal and a spot to place a Rally Banner. Once the device is interacted with or the object is destroyed, a Darkness Zone will activate and the Onslaught begins. Usually, the first few waves start off easier, with mostly Minors and a few Elites, but as the waves get higher and higher, Majors, Champions and even Boss enemies will begin spawning en-mass. When players finally reach the final round, a challenging boss will appear to finally put their enemies down. However, if players have completed a Target Bounty, players also have an opportunity to summon a Named Boss, which players will follow to get a unique spawning animation and an inevitable engagement. These named bosses retain some abilities utilized before, but are truly unique in terms of gameplay. Killing these enemies are guaranteed to drop a Curated or Masterworked Weapon or Armor piece.

Locations and Enemies[edit]

European Dead Zone[edit]

Arcadian Valley[edit]

Tangled Shore[edit]

Dreaming City[edit]

Ocean of Storms[edit]