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Voshyr was one of the daughters of Crota, Son of Oryx. Together with her sisters Hashladûn, Besurith, and Kinox, they were collectively leading the Hidden Swarm on the Moon. She was also the mother of the Wizards Yishra and Ayriax. She met her end by the hand of Osiris.


Voshyr and her sisters Hashladûn, Besurith, and Kinox took leadership of the Hidden Swarm on the Moon after their grandfather's passing during the Taken War. What they lacked in brute strength of the Sword Logic, they made up for in cunning thought and grand design. They who consider themselves the shadowed architects of empires. They who build their legacy upon the trade of secrets, the gossip of ages, and the sowing of lies—words their weapons; cutting as any blade.[1] Rather than adhere to the tenets of the Sword Logic, Voshyr and her sisters schemed to preserve the glory of their forebearers including Oryx and Crota.[2]

Sometime before the events of Shadowkeep, the daughters of Crota saw opportunity in the ancient Pyramid buried beneath the surface, which they could possibly conjure the essences of Crota and Oryx.[2] However as they speculate, they were also attentive to the Pit where Hive fought in gladiatorial combat for claim to their father's vacant throne, to which they must judge those worthy. Voshyr expressed her doubts in the Hive after Besurith only to be silenced by Hashladûn's narrowing glare.[1]

However with the sudden appearance of the Deathsinger Azavath killing the reigning champion Zulmak caused a panic among the royal congregation, the daughters took the chance to exterminate their enemies.[3] With no one threatening their schemes, the Daughters were free to enact their plan and had the Swarm raise the Scarlet Keep.

With the Nightmares unleashed at the hands of Eris Morn, Kinox and her sisters could experiment with the phantasmal creations of the Pyramid. However, they found that they could not raise their father nor grandfather as their essences had truly dissipated and that the Nightmares were not alive. Instead, Kinox urged her sisters to act; seeing the potential in raising Zulmak as a warrior bound to their whims. Voshyr and Besurith would gathered Zulmak's husk while Hashladûn offered the Nightmare essence of terror to them.[4]

However Hashladûn and Besurith would both meet their ends by Guardians, leaving Voshyr and Kinox to continue their work and abandon the Sword Logic for the sake of survival. The two would enact their forbidden ritual to empower the abominable Zulmak with the power of the Nightmares, all while hiding out in fear of the Guardians.[5]

A year after the events of Shadowkeep, Voshyr and her sister Kinox were met with the High Celebrant, a champion of their great-aunt Xivu Arath, God of War having entered the system to build an army of Wrathborn and to rally the scattered Hive broods into her service. Having gathered with their spawn beneath the Enduring Abyss to commune with the War god, they were immediately confronted by the Warlock Osiris; having incinerated Voshyr and her daughters Yishra and Ayriax with his Daybreak.[6]


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