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Ishtar Sink, Venus

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Prevent the House of Dusk from restoring a powerful champion

Winter's Run is the second Destiny Strike remastered and released with The Witch Queen. Much like the other strikes released along side it, the remastered Winter's Run has been made to fit with the canon.


  • Infiltrate the former Winter's Lair
  • Fight through the Lair
  • Take out enemy guards
  • Defend the Hatch
  • Pursue the Dusk Jailbirds
  • Eliminate the Cell Defenders
  • Slay the Fallen champion


(Mission Start)

  • Crow - Guardian, you read me? Good. The House of Dusk recently raided the Prison of Elders, targeted a specific cry-pod in deep storage. Don't have much intel, however.
  • Variks - But I do. *Clicking* A ruthless veteran of House Kings. A savage. *Wheeze* Were she to join House Dusk, there would be nothing to stop their march across Venus.
  • Crow - Then we have no time to lose Guardians. Get after the heisters before our target awakens. And, for the record, it's an honor to work beside you Variks.
  • Variks - as well... Crow.

The Guardians enter the den and come across a band of Dregs and Goblins battling before dispatching them and entering the massive den itself.

  • Crow - It appears the Vex don't take too kindly to the House of Dusk trying to get comfortable.
  • Variks - The Vex will challenge all who stand in the way of their grand design. They are but a distraction from our goal, yes?
  • Crow - Agreed. Dispatch them without delay and get after the Fallen.

The Guardians take out the assailants within the cave and exit into The Cinders, coming across a massive Ketch dawning Dusk colors.

  • Crow - The Ketch matches the description from the Corsairs. We're on the right track.
  • Variks - Indeed. It appears it's staff have deserted it in defense of their champion. *Wheeze* They will not relent until you and the Vex are dead and their target walks free. Be prepared for anything, Guardians.

The Guardians descend the pathway and come across a skirmish between the Fallen and Vex. After the assailing enemies are slain, they are then prompted to the terminal connected to the massive metal door in the side of the cliff face.

  • Variks - Too quiet for a commander as important as the champion, yes? Be ready.

After interacting with it and deploying your Ghost to investigate it, an onslaught of Fallen Skiffs arrive and deploy a massive contingent of Fallen. Another appears and offloads more reinforcements with the destruction of the first wave. The third finally deploys a horde of Major Unyielding Servitors and Elite Shanks (Barrier Servitors or all are replaced by a Fallen Commodore and minor Vandals on higher difficulties). After dealing with the threat, the Ghost will have forced the door open and the Guardians are prompted to enter through the recently opened entryway.

  • Crow - Those Fallen guards weren't messing around. Tell me, Variks, what's so special about this Fallen Captain that's gotten the House of Dusk so desperate over defending her.
  • Variks - *Wheeze* She was present at Twilight Gap. Personally saw to the final death of countless Guardians. After, she went into hiding, killing anyone she came across, warrior... or not.
  • Crow - A Guardian killer? Well we certainly can't allow someone like that into House of Dusk's fold, huh?
  • Variks - Indeed.

The Guardians enter the Ash Coves and come across a clutch of Pikes in which they may board if they so choose. Progressing deeper, they come across a Pike gang and either kill or evade them. They finally come across a final pair of defenders, more Unyielding Servitors and Shanks. The Guardians finally bypass them and come across the detainment cell and battling Fallen and Vex.

  • Crow - There's the pod. Clear them out so you'll have little trouble introducing yourself to our friend.

The Guardians slay the assailing enemies and are then prompted to interact with the prison cell. After which, it will begin to glow with Ether and will begin to stir. The cell begins to open.

  • Variks - Behold. Victor of Prison of Elders. Slayer of Guardians. Scorcher of bone and claimer of skulls! Velschis! Champion of House Kings!
  • Crow - Best of luck, Guardians.

Velschis finally disembarks from her pod and begins attacking her would-be assassins. Despite her arsenal, training and ambitious support from the House of Dusk, she is eventually slain by the Guardian Fireteam.

  • Crow - That is how it's done Guardians. The House of Dusk has been dealt a critical blow to their operations here on Venus. I don't think they'll recover from something like this.
  • Variks - Agreed. ...Crow, I would like to ask you-
  • Crow - Yes, Variks. ...I know my past. What I did, what I set in motion... and I can't forgive myself for it.
  • Variks - *Wheeze* I carry a share of responsibility for Cayde-6's death. It is a mistake I will never live down, never redress. But it only hurts more to dwell on our mistakes. We must learn from them and answer for them... if we are to survive.
  • Crow - Hmm. Thanks Variks. Your wisdom reminds me of Osiris. Until next time, then?
  • Variks - *Slight chuckle* Perhaps.




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