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Ishtar Sink, Venus

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Investigate the source of Taken influence under the surface of Venus

The Nexus is a remastered variation of the Nexus Strike from Destiny released for Destiny 2 with The Witch Queen. Unlike Fallen S.A.B.E.R. and the Devils' Lair remasters, this Strike has been modified to fit into the canon.


  • Descend into the Academy
  • Destroy the Captains
  • Find the Nexus
  • Destroy Pathetos


(Mission Begins)

  • Ikora Rey - Guardians, we may have a serious problem. The Vex are retreating from the Nexus, a pivotal anchor point for their invasion. We have no idea why. It's unlike the Vex to... retreat from a place as important as this.
  • Mithrax - I'm detecting an... intrusion. Something is interfacing with their network. Weighing it down.
  • Ikora Rey - Mithrax? ...wait. An intrusion? That can't be.

The Guardians enter N/Gen Branch and encounter a small Vex team, lead by Skyptos, Vehement Mind engaging the Taken.

  • Ikora Rey - No. But I thought we... never mind. Guardians, by no means can we allow the Taken to infest this place!

The Guardians are prompted to kill three Major Ravenous Taken Captains (or three named Ultras on Nightfalls). After the guards are killed, the Taken Barrier at the overlooking office will falter, allowing the Guardians to continue through N/Gen Branch and towards Dig Site 4.

  • Mithrax - There's a familiar Vex presence within the Nexus. Something twisted. Morphed. Possessed. A Taken Mind is behind this incursion.
  • Ikora Rey - Unbelievable...
  • Mithrax - Ikora-kel?
  • Ikora Rey - The Taken tried to pull something familiar before the Red War. There is no doubt now they are trying to pull it again. Get to the Nexus, quickly!

The Guardians enter Dig Site 4 and encounter various squads of Taken Vandals and Taken Goblins within the complex itself. They finally exit the building and come across the Vex Barrier barring further access into the Nexus, as well as defensive wards and blight spheres surrounding it.

  • Mithrax - A directive has been broadcast to the gateway. The Mind ordered the activation of the barrier. It's continuing to weigh down on the network
  • Ikora Rey - It's influence is spreading! Hurry, Guardians!

The Guardians clear the courtyard and plug the power core into the Vex terminal back by the entrance into the academy. After fending off a wave of Taken from the Vex Sync Plate at it's center, the barrier falls and the team progresses into the Vex structure.

  • Mithrax - This sensation...
  • Ikora Rey - Mithrax?
  • Mithrax - I can feel the Mind's presence, and it can feel my intrusion. But I feel like something is... watching me through it. Something powerful. Something malicious.
  • Ikora Rey - Xivu Arath?
  • Mithrax - No. It feels... cold.

The Guardians enter the Nexus loading zone and come across a massive cluster of Taken Goblins and make short work of them before finally coming across the drop into the Nexus itself. After all patrolling Taken adds in the arena are killed, Pathetos, the Witnessed Mind spawns in the center of the arena.

  • Mithrax - Taken energy is surging across the Venus sub-network. The Vex are falling to it's thrall. The planet is succumbing to the Mind's presence.
  • Ikora Rey - Quickly Guardians! Destroy the Mind!

After struggling with the massive, possessed and Vault of Glass-tech empowered Hydra, the Fireteam manages to finally destroy it, forcing the Taken forces around the area to retreat.

  • Mithrax - Voices return to the Venus network. Taken energies are subsiding. The collective echoes with sounds of relief.
  • Ikora Rey - While the Vex may menace us at some point on this planet again, at least they don't belong to the Taken. At least their planets won't reek of the Blight.
  • Mithrax - But the question remains-
  • Ikora Rey - Yes. And you're certain it isn't Xivu Arath?
  • Mithrax - Undoubtedly. Her tainted Vex frequent their assaults on the domain. Their intrusions are done through brute force. Their energy is familiar to me. But this... I felt something gazing back at me through that Mind.
  • Ikora Rey - Troubling. I'll ask Eris Morn for potential suspects. In the meantime, thank you Guardians.




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