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Pathetos, the Witnessed Mind
Biographical information




Xivu Arath's Horde (presumed)




Taken Hydra

Combat information


The Nexus


Solar Aeon Maul


Summon Taken
High Durability
Midair Levitation
Temporal Shockwave
Immunity Shield
Summon Aegis
Suppression Field
Summon Defensive Wards
Summon Blight
Summon Acolyte's Eyes


Pathetos, the Witnessed Mind is a massive Taken Hydra deployed by a mysterious force to hijack the Vex network in an effort to spread their influence across the Vex Machine worlds. It is the boss of the remastered Nexus Strike for Destiny 2.


Much like it's predecessor, Pathetos will remain in the center of the arena, but will maneuver around to get a better angle at any Guardians in cover, and it's Aeon Maul fires considerably faster and deals blighted Solar damage instead of Void. Pathetos also incorporates the Subverted Mind's mechanics of utilizing the Aegis's Super attack to bring down it's immune Vex Shield. However, uniquely, indicated by an animation similar to the Templar's Ritual of Negation animation, Pathetos will trap all players in a Detainment bubble and slowly damage them with the Suppression Field debuff, which can easily be escaped from, however, will leave prisoners exposed to incoming damage. Additionally, Pathetos will also respawn Defensive Wards, debilitating Blight Spheres and Acolytes Eyes to keep it's opponents on their toes (number spawned and respawn frequency is dialed down on higher difficulties).

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