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Velschis, the Seething Pinion
Biographical information

Other names:

Slayer of Guardians
Champion of House Kings




House of Kings (formerly)
House of Dusk (currently)







Combat information


Winter's Run


Shrapnel Launcher
Cluster Shock Grenade


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Ultra Smash
Summon Security Turrets
Summon Web Mines
Shield Drones
Summon Scorch Cannons


Velschis, the Seething Pinion is a powerful Fallen Captain indoctrinated into the House of Dusk and Strike boss of the remastered variation of Winter's Run. An infamous veteran from the Battle of the Twilight Gap, she is responsible for countless Guardian final deaths before her incarceration into the Prison of Elders. Years following her incarceration, she would be freed by the House of Dusk in an effort to bolster their forces.


Unlike the rather static mechanic set that is her predecessor, Aksor, Archon Priest, Velshcis comes loaded with a larger assortment of weapons and mechanics. Occasionally, she will throw a device that will release four bouncing and tracking Shock Grenade that can ravage health even on normal Strike difficulties. She will also spawn and respawn Web Mines across the arena indicated by the Captain's boasting animation. She will also on occasion launch a flare into the air to signal the spawning of Security Turret, which are weak-ish in their own right and can deal out potentially nasty damage with a constantly increasing rate of fire. Finally, she will protect herself with Shield Drones that are immune to all means of attack save for Scorch Cannons that are usually well guarded by fresh adds.

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