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Ishtar Sink, Venus

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Prevent the House of Dusk from restoring a powerful champion

Echo Chamber is the third Destiny Strike remastered and released with The Witch Queen. Much like the other strikes released along side it, the remastered Echo Chamber has been made to fit with the canon.


  • Seek the Echo Chamber
  • Find an Arc Charge
  • Pick up the Arc Charge
  • Disrupt the Barrier
  • Pick up the Arc Charge
  • Disrupt the Barrier
  • Destroy the Walker
  • Pick up the Arc Charge
  • Disrupt the Barrier
  • Enter the Echo Chamber
  • Reach the Time Bridge
  • Destroy the Revitalizing Mind


(Mission Start)

  • Zavala - Guardian, we have gotten reports on Venus. The Vex are trying to retake the Nexus.
  • Mithrax - They have released the Revitalizing Mind. It seeks to rebuild from where the Witnessed Mind disrupted the Network.
  • Zavala - Infiltrate the Echo Chamber and take out that Vex mind before it accomplishes its task.

The Guardians enter Campus 9 which is overrun with House of Dusk Fallen and Sol Collective Vex.

  • Mithrax - House Dusk have managed to condense fragments of the Network into arc charges.
  • Zavala - Curious. Perhaps you should use those to break down the Vex barriers.
  • Mithrax - That is the most logical solution.

The Guardians take out the Fallen within the cave and take the Arc Charge to the first barrier. They then proceed to take down the next barrier.

  • Mithrax - I have detected an inbound Ketch on your way Guardian.
  • Zavala - Do not let them stop you from reaching the Echo Chamber.

The Guardians continue to break down more barriers as a Skiff deploys a Fallen Walker. The Guardians succeed at destroying the Walker and breaking the last barrier.

  • Zavala - The Revitalizing Mind awaits Guardian. Show no fear.

The Guardian reached the Echo Chamber's Time Bridge. A squadron of Vex protect the Revitalizing Mind.

  • Mithrax — Show these machines the true power of the Light.

The Guardians destroy the Vex squadron and obtain an Arc Charge

  • Zavala — You know what to do Guardian.

The Guardians deposit the Arc Charge which awakens the Revitalizing Mind

  • Mithrax — The Mind defies your actions. Prove to it we make our own fate.

As the Guardians continue to fight against the Revitalizing Mind, it attempts to make a use its Medusa's Stare.

  • Zavala — Do not get in that Vex's line of sight. Take cover!

The Guardians continue their assault against the Revitalizing Mind and depositing Arc Charges to break its shield. It then attempts to flee to the center of the arena.

  • Mithrax — Our foe flees. Do not relent Guardian!

In one last strike, the Guardians destroy the Revitalizing Mind as it collapses in on itself as the remaining Vex forces flee from the scene.

  • Mithrax — The Mind is vanquished. Now the Network shudders at our victory.
  • Zavala — Indeed. Without the Revitalizing Mind, the Vex stand no chance to rebuild from their defeat at the Nexus.
  • Mithrax — It will take them time, like the Endless Night. But the Vex will not forget what we did today.




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