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Military Aristocracy


Evocate-General Umun'arath, Primus of All Legions
Freeborn Otzot, Psion Savant
Caiatl, Princess-Imperial


The Immortal


The Leviathan


The Praetorates are an elite Cabal force that form the remnants of Ghaul's coup and are the combined military strength of the Cabal Empire. Commanded by Evocate-General Umun'arath, they set out to raid The Leviathan and plunder the Loyalists.


Around the same time as the Stone Breaker deployment, the Praetorate made plans to make a comeback after being driven off by Emperor Calus. Umun'arath, Caiatl, and Otzot, as the only remaining commanders of the coup, contacted Primus Tho'urgh and requested for the delivery some Stone Breaker technology for an assault on The Leviathan. With the technology, the Praetorates developed augmented weapons, equipment, deployments, and vehicles. To show her gratitude, Umun'arath allowed the Stone Breakers and any other upcoming Cabal legions to operate with a greater degree of independence from the Cabal High Command.

Unique Forces[edit]

  • Praetorate Pulsar: A Psion armed with Induction Rifles that can deal precision damage and knock targets down to the floor upon a precision shot. Uses psionics to give Cabal smarter pathing and faster attacks as well as surround other Cabal and itself in a Void shield.
  • Praetorate Lightning Psion: An aerial Psion armed with a Lasrifle that fires rapid energy bolts which cause their targets to repeatedly stagger. Dodges attacks with their wings. When on low health, they perform a kamikaze attack that unleashes a deadly long-range psychic explosion.
  • Praetorate Ballistarius: A Legionary capable of deploying Scorpii and Volcanic Scorpii turrets. Armed with a burst-fire Slug Rifle that causes high aim deflection. Fires Frag Detonators in clusters of 3 and have aggressive seeking properties.
  • Praetorate Flamer: A Legionary armed with a Cabal Magma Launcher attachment to their fully automatic Slug Rifle. Capable of throwing a Napalm Grenade that creates a large circle of fire that rapidly burns away at shields and health. Performs a compression blast at close range with high knockback.
  • Praetorate Lancer: A Phalanx armed with a Gladiator Shield used for blocking damage as well as performing bashing attacks that can repeatedly stagger their targets. Armed with an Energy Staff that can unleash a flurry of Solar melee attacks that inflict rapid burning effects that stack over time.
  • Praetorate Marauder Lancer: An airborne Lancer that uses a Gladiator Shield to block and parry damage as well as perform bashing melee attacks that cause repeated staggering. Armed with a Praetorate Cannon that fires high-velocity, high-explosive Arc missiles that blind their targets upon detonation; has a Cabal Severus blade attachment.
  • Praetorate Hypaspist: A Centurion that uses a Cabal Shield to block and deflect incoming damage as well as perform a lunge attack that is invariably fatal. Protected by an Solar shield. Armed with a Projection Rifle that has greater muzzle velocity, blast radius, damage, and incendiary properties. Attacks close combatants with a wristblade that causes bleeding effects.
  • Praetorate Gunnery Sergant: A Centurion armed with dual Projection Rifles that have greater fire rate, muzzle velocity, blast radius, damage, and both tracking and incendiary properties. Attacks medium-range combatants with arm-mounted Slug Repeaters. Can be seen operating Praetorate Interceptors, Praetorate Threshers, Praetorate Harvesters, and Praetorate Goliath Tanks.
  • Praetorate Draconarius: A Colossus armed with a Praetorate Blitz Launcher that fires a volley of seeking Void rockets that suppress Guardian abilities for a short time upon detonation. Uses a Praetorate Standard to fire an Arc beam that blinds, shocks, and slows its targets; latches on to a target upon impact. Unleashes a giant rocket jet blast when faced at close range, leaving behind a giant circle of fire.
  • Praetorate Thunderbolt Colossus: An airborne Colossus armed with Ultra Slugthrowers that fire a rapid bulletstorm that repeatedly stagger their targets, cause massive aim deflection, and sunder their targets for a short time. Can periodically launch Praetorate Missiles from pods on the back of their armor that explode and leave poison gas clouds. Attacks long-range targets with a chest-mounted Phaser Cannon that tracks its targets.


  • Praetorate Interceptor: Armed with dual rocket launchers that fire a barrage of Solar warheads that seek out their targets. Equipped with a frontal shield to protect it from damage.
  • Praetorate Thresher: Armed with a nose-mounted missile launcher. Occasionally drops Praetorate Mines with a short fuse time and detonate once triggered. Attacks short-range targets with a head-mounted Heavy Slug Thrower.
  • Praetorate Harvester: Equipped with a cloaking device and bullet-deflection hull plates. Armed with a Heavy Slug Thrower, a Praetorate Cannon and a Praetorate Missile dispenser. Deploys Praetorate soldiers, Interceptors, Threshers, and Goliath Tanks.
  • Praetorate Goliath Tank: Armed with a Planet Cracker turret that fires giant incendiary blasts. Replaced the Slug Repeaters with Cabal Magma Launchers that have enhanced range and burn damage. Can occasionally attack with Ultra Slugthrowers, Praetorate Blitz Launchers, Flak Cannons, Cabal Landmines, and Engine Flamers.