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Evocate-General Umun'arath, Primus of All Legions
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Combat information


Rise of the Empire


Praetorate Blitz Launcher
Praetorate Shield
Praetorate Standard
Praetorate Missiles


Praetorate Dome
Attack Deflection
Burning Effect
Sundered Debuff
Suppression Debuff
Blindness Effect
Shocking Effect
Slowness Effect
Poisoned Debuff
Rocket Jet Blast
Rocket Jet Burn
Suspended Debuff
Knockdown Effect
Interceptor Support
Thresher Support
Harvester Support
Call Ripper Pods
Goliath Support
High Durability
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
Summon Cabal


"The war is all there is. All this - this is just logistical support."
— Umun'arath

Evocate-General Umun'arath, Primus of All Legions is the supreme commander of the Cabal's combined military forces. During the deployment of the Stone Breakers, the Praetorate soldiers attacked The Leviathan. She controls the operations behind the revived Praetorate and is the final boss of the Rise of the Empire Raid.


Umun'arath's main weapon of choice is a Praetorate Blitz Launcher that fires a volley of seeking Void rockets that briefly suppress abilities upon detonation. She also holds a Praetorate Shield which blocks all incoming damage; it can also form a large dome around her that deflects incoming damage back at the Guardians and inflicts heavy burning and sundering effects on all Guardians inside. Occasionally, Umun'arath will use her Praetorate Standard to fire a spread of Arc beams that latch on to their targets and inflict them with shocking, blindness, and slowness effects, and she may use pods on the back of her armor to launch Praetorate Missiles that track their targets and leave behind large poison gas clouds upon detonation; these poison gas clouds inflict heavy poison effects that stacks with sustained contact. When faced at close range, she will emit a rocket jet blast from her armor which suspends Guardians in midair for a short time after knocking them upward, inflict them with a heavy burning effect, and knocks them down to the floor for a short time upon landing; the knockdown cannot be cancelled by any means.

Umun'arath will use her shield to activate a dome and will slowly trudge around the battlefield while firing all of her weapons simultaneously. To get the dome to break, the team has to get through her line of defenses. The first barricade is powered psionically by a Praetorate Lightning Pulsar, a Major Praetorate Psion with the combined abilities and traits of the Praetorate Pulsar and Praetorate Lightning Psion protected by all three elemental shields at once. Killing this Psion will cause it to drop a psionic charge that must be thrown at the barrier in five seconds before another one spawns. Once the barrier is down, it will reveal a safe that will release a Solar fuel cell when all the locks are destroyed. Whoever picks up the fuel cell will gain the "Superior Retainer" buff which makes them greatly increased recovery and also makes them immune to the burning and sundering effects of Umun'arath's Praetorate Dome, but disables their weapons and abilities; the fuel cell will also emit an aura that enables everyone within it a 25% damage bonus against all Cabal enemies. If this fuel cell is ever dropped, the encounter starts over. The second barricade is guarded by several lines of reinforcements: a squadron of Praetorate Interceptors, Praetorate Threshers, and Praetorate Harvesters piloted by Praetorate Gunnery Sergeants. The reinforcements and the enemies that control them cannot be damaged by a Guardian that is not inside the aura provided by the fuel cell. Throughout this phase, Umun'arath will continuously call in Ripper Pods that contain Praetorate Engineers, Major Praetorate Balistarii protected by a random elemental shield and armed with a Projection Rifle. These Engineers must be killed, for they can repair the reinforcements, instantly restoring them to full health. After the reinforcements are down, the second barricade reveals another safe, but the locks for this safe can only be damaged by those in the fuel cell's aura. The safe will reveal a furnace that will intensify the fuel cell by granting another set of effects to the aura: increased ability damage and recharge rate. The third barricade is protected by a Praetorate Goliath Tank piloted by a Praetorate Tanker, an Ultra-class Praetorate Gunnery Sergeant protected by all three elemental shields at once and armed with dual Praetorate Blitz Launchers and arm-mounted Ultra Slugthrowers. These two powerful enemies can only be damaged when within the fuel cell aura. Afterwards, the third barricade will reveal another furnace that will intensify the fuel cell again and grant its holder greatly increased mobility. With a fully intensified fuel cell, the "Superior Retainer" may then run inside Umun'arath's dome and throw it at her back to drop the dome. This will stun her for 30 seconds, and she will be fully vulnerable to damage during this time frame before she raises her dome again.