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Caiatl, Princess-Imperial
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Biographical information






Elite Warrior



Combat information


Rise of the Empire


Cabal Warhammer
Praetorate Missiles


Elemental Shields
Blinding Effect
Burning Effect
Slowness Effect
Poisoned Effect
Praetorate Mark
Berserker Rage
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Limited Flight
Strafe Thrusters
Summon Cabal


"Father, I will not be weak."
— Caiatl to Emperor Calus during Ghaul's coup

Caiatl, the Princess-Imperial is the daughter of Emperor Calus and one of the surviving members of the early Praetorate. During the deployment of the Stone Breakers, the Praetorate soldiers attacked The Leviathan. Caiatl guards the doors to a newly revealed section of the Leviathan and is the first boss of the Rise of the Empire Raid.


Caiatl is armed with a Cabal Warhammer that she uses to perform deadly swinging combos which can knock Guardians around. She is initially protected by a series of randomly rotating elemental shields, which alter the effects of her hammer attacks: Arc shields give her hammer a blinding pulse; Solar shields give her hammer incendiary properties; Void shields coat her hammer in an adhesive that slows her targets for a short time; the shields will rotate every 20 seconds, and their durability will remain intact when they appear again. When out of range, she uses pods on the back of her armor to fire a cluster of Praetorate Missiles which have a high blast radius and leave poisonous gas clouds upon detonation; these gas clouds inflict rapid poison effects which can stack with sustained exposure. Occasionally, she will swing her hammer forward to launch a homing energy bolt which tracks its targets and marks them, which rallies nearby Cabal towards that target and increases the damage they receive from the Cabal that have been alerted. When all of her shields are broken, she enters a berserker rage, where she gains greatly increased movement and attack speed as well as smarter pathing and a 50% damage resistance that can only be broken by shooting at her hammer. After her hammer is disabled, she will be stunned for 15 seconds and will take full damage during this time period.