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Freeborn Otzot, Psion Savant
Biographical information






Imperial Scientist


Psion Flayer



Combat information


Rise of the Empire


Psionic Staff
Psionic Rifle


Psionic Barrier
Blindness Effect
Shocking Effect
Paralyzed Debuff
Burning Effect
Reddened Effect
Sundered Debuff
Blackout Effect
Poisoned Debuff
Slowness Effect
Aim Deflection
Staggered Debuff
Knockdown Effect
Crippled Debuff
Weapons Jammed
Suppressed Debuff
Mindbent Effect
Psionic Purge
High Durability
Summon Cabal


"Is this not Calus's new Empire, an empire of achievement? Can't the Psions grow fat in thought, as you grew fat with power?"
— Freeborn Otzot appealing to Emperor Calus

Freeborn Otzot, Psion Savant is the highest-ranking Psion Flayer, and is one of the surviving members of the early Praetorate. During the deployment of the Stone Breakers, the Praetorate soldiers attacked the Leviathan. Otzot controls a vast psionic network powered by the rebuilt OXA Machine and is the second boss of the Rise of the Empire Raid.


Otzot's primary weapon of choice is a psionic staff which fires three beams at once with one for each element: Arc beams will blind, shock, and occasionally paralyze their targets; Solar beams will burn, sunder, and cause reddened vision on their targets; Void beams cause blackout, poison, and slowness; all three beams will latch on to a single target. Occasionally, she will use a Psionic Rifle with two fire modes: a rapid-fire mode that causes aim deflection on bodyshots and staggering on headshots, and a sniper mode that causes knockdown on bodyshots and cripples targets on headshots, knocking them prone and preventing them from standing for a short time. Otzot will be protected by a psionic barrier that surrounds her entire body and the only way to break it is to gain a Psionic Enhancement buff that must be obtained by working through the psionic network.

The first room will emit a psionic field that jams the weapons of all Guardians inside. The perimeter of the room will be surrounded by Scorpius turrets lined up side by side. As the turrets open fire, the team will need to destroy them one by one to see if it drops a psionic charge, which must be thrown at the psionic door blocking the path; the door must be taken down by three charges. If a psionic charge drops, then it needs to be picked up immediately, as it will only last for 5 seconds before it disappears and another turret takes its place; if a charge disappears when the door has been struck by a charge, then the process will reset back to square one. The second room will emit a psionic field that suppresses the abilities of all Guardians inside. There will be a plate in the center of the room surrounded by 6 psionic charges in front of an arrow pointing to them. On the sides of the room are canisters for the charges to be inserted in. The charges need to be inserted into the canisters that are opposite to their spawn points; if a charge is inserted into the wrong canister, the process resets. Taking damage will cause an orb to drop, and it will remain for 5 seconds until it respawns. The third room will emit a psionic field that inflicts the "Mindbent" debuff, which inverts the player's view and controls at random intervals. For this room, there will be 3 Praetorate Pulsars that need to be killed. On death, they will drop a psionic charge that needs to be inserted into a canister that matches the symbol which appears above the Pulsars. If a charge is placed in the wrong canister, then the process resets. Once all three rooms have been passed, the team will then run through a door that grants them a Psionic Enhancement buff, which grants them 30 seconds of being able to damage Otzot. After the damage phase, she will perform a Psionic Purge that will immediately kill everyone that hasn't run back into the network.