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SUROS is a weapon foundry of the City.[1] SUROS gives Guardians the most stat-customization options of any weapon, making them flexible for all combat scenarios. They also tend to favor good handling and offer the most sight mods of any foundry. SUROS weapons feature curved surfaces and sleek red-and-white designs.[2] SUROS weapons formerly had SUROS in the name, followed by three letters and two numbers. As of the events of Destiny 2 SUROS naming conventions have become more creative, mostly using musical terms followed by a two digit number.

SUROS weapons are one of three foundries featured in Armsday. They make auto rifles, pulse rifles, scout rifles, and rocket launchers. As of the Red War, SUROS has extended its arsenal and products to sidearms (which are full auto), hand cannons, sniper rifles, submachine guns and shotguns, with the latter utilizing Slug rounds that are capable of precision damage, similar to The Chaperone shotgun.

Three of the weapons (SUROS BNS-13, SUROS PRR-11, SUROS WSC-17) are part of the Suros Arsenal Pack, available either by pre-ordering The Taken King, or normal gameplay after January 1st 2016.[3] In The Witch Queen, Suros was given a foundry origin trait.

Design philosophy

Suros Upgrade emblem available in Destiny 2

This is my sword
Function is a given; it must be given form
Design is honed, precision
Every curve, every line, every chamber speaks to the Suros philosophy
Suros is elegance amidst brutality


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