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"So long as we actually manage to do some good, you can call me Iron anything you want."
— Lord Gheleon

Gheleon was one of the famous Iron Lords and a Hunter.[2] Despite being a pessimist, Gheleon was the most selfless of the Iron Lords, doing good regardless of what anyone thought. He was also a gifted analyst, and his allies usually accepted his assessments of the battlefield.[3]


"This is doomsday thinking. We have your back. Our plate is strong. When'll you need scavenged armor?"
"If all of you were cut down around me, your Light drained past return, and my own armor was shredded. F’r instance."
"You always know what to say to make us feel better.
Lady Jolder, Lord Gheleon, and Lady Efrideet

Gheleon was an Iron Lord, a group of Guardians dedicated to fighting the tyranny of Warlords of their era, and the Fallen who ravaged the Earth. In his spare time, Gheleon was often holed up in his cave, experimenting on various salvaged items to test their worth as gear material. He also took some time for throwing his three knives, which he named Swiftling, Occam, and Quietus. Most of those items were the bones of Fallen from his missions with the Lords, and the skeletons of local wildlife, prehistoric, Pre-Golden Age, and Golden Age era. During one such test, the rest of the team camps into his "den", while Felwinter was presumably torturing an enemy. While making small talk about his experiments, Gheleon commented that bone is the most viable last resort as armor. His team is convinced that they will always be enough to back him up. However, Gheleon jumps to the doomsday scenario, saying that if they all fell in battle, he would hide under their bodies until the threat passed and then fashion armor from their bones, demonstrating his characteristic pragmatism but also stunning his comrades into silence with his morbidity.[4]

Gheleon was one of the many Iron Lords to venture into what would become known as the Plaguelands in search of SIVA. Out of all the Lords who went in, he was one of the nine to make it to the replication chamber in an attempt to shut down SIVA production. Along with the other Iron Lords, except for Saladin, Gheleon met his final end in the chamber after Jolder sealed the complex.

Centuries later, when Saladin sends the Guardian in to finish the job of halting the flow of SIVA, Gheleon, along with Jolder and Felwinter, had his armor and remains warped by SIVA as a defensive measure. The Guardian, using a discarded Battleaxe, destroyed the remnants and the Replication Chamber, putting the fallen Lords to a peaceful rest.

In the present, Guardians who prove themselves worthy to Tyra Karn can take up Gheleon's artifact. Those who honor his Memory are granted a useful analytical ability; the user gains an enhanced tracker and the ability to see it while aiming down the sights of their primary weapon.



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