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The Reef, Asteroid Belt (formerly)


Complete Of Lions and Emperors

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Emperorship Xiliks-Fel, formerly known as Vrylzesk's Palace of Luxury, is a Fallen Ketch that serves as the flagship for Vrylzesk, Emperor and the House of Emperors following the death of Atrykis.


This unnamed Ketch once belonged to the House of Kings before it was reclaimed and reconstructed by the House of Emperors. It was placed under the command of Baron Vrylzesk. During the Emperors' relocation to Earth, Vrylzesk and his loyalists defected, using the Ketch as a main base. For several years, they hid in the asteroid belt, expanding their new Syndicate, until word broke out that the Emperors had begun their crusade against The Last City. After sending enforcers to help clear out the Lions' Run, Vrylzesk opened his Palace of Luxury to the Guardians and the House of Lions.


The Palace of Pleasure serves as the primary social space for Rise of the Emperors. Vrylzesk can be found here an acts as the main vendor. The Amphitheatre Arena can be accessed here, too, in a door near the main hangar, just to the left of the entrance to the main hold.


  • The main hangar of the Palace of Pleasure is similar to the Vestian Outpost
  • It is the second Fallen lair to become a social space, first being the Lions' Run.
    • It is also the first social space to host friendly Cabal
  • After Welcome to the Badlands, several House of Lions members can be seen working in the hangar, conversing with Syndicate Members, or dancing on the dance floor. After Atrykis's Chosen, House of Emperors members, presumably defectors, will also be present in a similar manner.

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