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Drive the Emperors out of Lions' Run

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Of Lions and Emperors is the second Story mission in Destiny 2 Rise of the Emperors. After driving the House of Emperors away from The Last City, The Guardian receives a transmission from Joskaa about a House of Emperor's fleet occupying the Lions' Run and are called to deal with them


  • Enter the Lions' Run
  • Drive back the Emperors from the Docking Bay
  • Rendezvous with Magnusk and the Lions
  • Destroy the Barricade
  • Reprogram the AA batteries
  • Get to the Command Center
  • Clear out the Command Center
  • Track down the Infused Fallen Commander
  • Defeat Kriltrosk, Emperor Baron


{Loading screen}

  • Ghost: We're nearing the Lions' Run. It's been mostly cleared out ever since the Pyramids' Arrival. But since the House of Lions pulled back to Earth, the House of Emperors have been trying to take their strongholds over. Joskaa said that the Lions only had a skeleton crew maintaining the base when the Emperors arrived. They didn't stand a chance. But the Lions have sent Magnusk to help us retake their base. We can't allow the Emperors to establish a foothold in the Reef. Let's get in there and send these "Emperors" packing!


The Guardian lands on 2 Pallas once again, but this time, outside of the Lions' Run, with Fallen corpses, camps, and fortifications, littering the battlefield. Two Ketches, one belonging to the Lions and another to the Emperors, are seen fighting in the skybox with Skiffs and Galliots in aerial dogfights

  • Ghost: Looks like the Emperors are dug in too deep. We need to clear out the Docking Bay so that the Lions can land their troops and take out that barricade!

The Guardians progress to the Docking Bay, where the Emperors have a platoon stationed. The Guardians take them out.

  • Ghost: The Landing Pad's cleared, Magnusk. You're cleared to land.
  • Magnusk: Affirmative. We're coming in!

Three House of Lions Skiffs arrive and deploy their troopers, as well as Magnusk himself, who turns towards the Guardian

  • Magnusk: Glad you could make it. The Emperors are using our own defenses against us. They've taken over our AA batteries and are targeting our skiffs with them. We'll divert the Emperors' attention and take on the bulk of their forces. We just need you to get topside and reprogram the turrets.
  • Ghost: We're on it!

The Guardian and the Lions make their way through the entrance and split up. After taking out more Emperors along the way, they arrive at a corridor with numerous corpses and destroyed servitors

  • Ghost: Wow, the Emperors really trashed this place. But the AA guns aren't too far away.

The Guardian arrives atop of Lions' Run, where the AA emplacements have been stablished and surrounded by Emperor Splicers. One of them shoots down a Lion Skiff.

  • Ghost: Those Servitors are controlling the turrets! You know what to do!

The Guardian drives back the Emperors and destroys their Servitors. They deploy the Ghost at a console.

  • Ghost: They locked up the console. This is gonna take some time to reprogram. Cover me!
  • Magnusk: We don't have much time, Ghost! The Emperors have deployed another wave of reinforcements!

Emperor Skiffs and Harvesters are deployed from the Ketch and begin deploying wave after wave of troops. Eventually, the guns turn back on the Emperors forces and starts shooting at their aircraft

  • Ghost: Got it! The Emperors won't be sending any more troopers.
  • Magnusk: Good! We took out many of their troopers, but we lost a lot of our own men in the process. And we still have their commanders to deal with. They've fortified themselves in the Command center. I'll call in for reinforcements. Get down to the main level ASAP.
  • Ghost: We'll be right there.

The Guardian makes their way back inside. Along the way, they find themselves in a corridor with Fallen bodies of both factions, covered in a strange Blight.

  • Ghost: This looks like the work of those Infused Fallen seen with the Lion Splicers. I didn't know there were any stationed here.
  • Magnusk: There aren't. Something else killed all those Fallen. Any sign of it?
  • Ghost: It goes further down the corridor, down towards the control room.
  • Magnusk: Very well. Keep moving, but stay alert.

The Guardian arrives at a large corridor near the command center. Magnusk and his forces are just inside

  • Magnusk: Over here, Disaraaskian! The Commanders have already left. We must-

Before the Guardian can reach them, however, a massive Infused Fallen with SIVA enhancement drops down into the Command center.

  • Magnusk: Look out!

The Infused-Fallen then emits a burst of energy and forces the doors shut. Fighting can be heard on the other side.

  • Ghost: Magnusk, come in! Magnusk! Signal's down! Get me to that door!

The Ghost opens the door, revealing Emperor forces inside, as well as a massive hole along the wall. After clearing out the forces, Magnusk, the only survivor, stands up.

  • Ghost: Magnsuk!
  • Magnusk: Bah...merely a flesh wound...I'll be fine. Get to that monstrosity before it escapes!

The Guardian makes their way through the hole and drops down into the surface of Pallas. Blight can be seen leading down the caves.

  • Ghost: He couldn't have gotten far! We just need to follow his trail! Watch out for any hostiles!

The Guardian makes their way through the caverns, killing many Emperors along the way. They reach an emergency landing pad, where a Skiff can be seen along with Syndri and Kriltrosk, Emperor Baron.

  • Ghost: No! They're getting away!

Kriltrosk stays behind as Syndri retreats onto the Skiff, which flies towards the Emperor Ketch. But The Guardian was able to slay Kriltrosk as the Ketch warps off. Joskaa then contacts the Guardian.

  • Joskaa: Disaraaskian, come in. We lost contact with the ground team after the Emperors set up jamming devices. Are you alright?
  • Ghost: We're fine...but we lost that one berserk Fallen. I don't think he left willingly. Something called him back.
  • Joskaa: Patience. We will track them down soon enough. For now, we've driven the Emperors from the Lions' Run, and to an extension, the Reef. Several times, now, you have saved my people, Disaraaskian. I thank you.
  • Magnusk: My Kell, we have managed to secure the base. We await your arrival.
  • Joskaa: Very well. You should come, too, Disaraaskian. I'm sending a skiff to bring you back. We may have driven Atrykis back for now, but we still have a war to win.

{Gameplay Ends}

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