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Implement Servitor, House Emperors
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"It pains me to see Atrykis's House treats their Servitors like this. Servitors has feelings too! I should know, I have my very own to prove it. Nonetheless, I would ask you to free these poor poor Servitors from the Emperors, might be better if you could...destroy them, in order to leave them starving and putting those Servitors out of their misery...Just do it quickly before I change my mind."

Implement Servitor, House Emperors are a group of Servitors belonging to the Fallen House of Emperors.

Similar to Defiled Servitors of the House of Salvation, the Implement Servitors are no longer viewed gods and are instead treated as nothing more than just machines programmed to produced Ether. Even to the point of treating them more horrifically, earning the similar appearance of the Defiled Servitors but with their plating colored in a dark red hue with the Emperors' logo crudely painted on them, causing the Servitors to have a mentality being more angry in combat or fearful and low spirited from their Emperor peers. This would draw concern from Joskaa, Lion Kell, whom asked Guardians to either free them from the Emperors' grasp, or to destroy the Servitors to put them out of their misery and to weaken the Emperors. One of these Servitors would be targeted by the Kell's Wrath and was destroyed by Guardians whom took the bounty.

Later on during the events of The Void Within, the use of Implement Servitors would begin to weaken thanks to Vrylzesk's reformist Emperors, in favor of the more pristine and plated Servitors and are instead treated like companions instead of mere tools. Although the Emperor Traditionalists would continue on using Implement Servitors for Ether.

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