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Colorado Badlands


Enter the Colorado Badlands and form a foothold for the Lions.

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Welcome to the Badlands is the fourth Story mission in Destiny 2: Rise of the Emperors. After meeting with Vrylzesk, the Illustrious, The Guardian would be informed by him about the secret hideout of the House of Emperors that was within the ruins of Old Colorado, and are tasked to lead forces of the House of Lions and the Claw of Vrylzesk to gain a foothold of the Badlands.


  • Investigate the Area with Magnusk
  • Establish Landing Zones
    • Clear out the Lions' Landing Zone
    • Clear out Vrylzesk's Landing Zone
    • Clear out the Vanguard's Landing Zone
  • Drive back the Emperors' Onslaught
  • Pursue the Emperors into their factory
  • Destroy the Factory Operator
  • Escape the factory before it's destruction.


{Loading screen}

  • Magnusk: Disaraaskian, Vrylzesk's coordinates are leading us to an abandoned zone in North America. The Emperors seem to have built their base into ruins located in the Colorado Badlands. From where I am, I can see trenches, sniper nests, artillery emplacements, and a lot of aircraft. They've turned the entire city into a fortress. Fortunately, their attention seemed focused on the Hive and Red Legion Remnants in the area, so this may be our chance. I've found some suitable landing zones to establish a beachhead, but we'll have to drive back their current occupants. My team and I have placed a beacon on the outskirts. Meet us there.


Welcome to the Badlands Enemies[edit]