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Titan (Striker)

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Slayed several major targets since his awakening, including Valus Thra'urn, Maakis, Savage Baron and Durzhoor, Hive Abomination
Fought through hordes of enemies and survived the deepest Hive strongholds multiple times


"I'm not an idiot, I just shoot first and think later." — Atlas-7

Atlas-7 is an Exo Titan who currently resides in the Last City. His Ghost is named Nova.



Atlas-7 was first resurrected by Nova, his Ghost, on Venus sometime following the conclusion of the Red War. Nova would guide the newly awakened and confused Exo through the Ishtar Sink, which had since been taken over by the House of Dusk. He fought his way through the Fallen forces, eventually discovering that fragments of the Red Legion were also present on the planet, and he was forced to fight them off as well. The Titan eventually reached the Shattered Coast, where he would be confronted by Val Kra'aul. During the battle, Atlas awakened his Arc powers for the first time, ensuring him a decisive victory over the Val. Atlas then noticed that there was a Cabal warship in the air nearby; perhaps hoping to steal a Harvester in order to fly to the City, he somehow managed to board the ship, where after fighting through the Cabal security forces, he came face-to-face with the leader of the Red Legion on Venus: Valus Thra'urn.

However, unbeknownst to both Atlas and the Cabal, a strike team had already been dispatched by the Vanguard to assassinate Thra'urn before he could unite the Red Legion. But as they reached the command deck, they instead found Atlas-7, who had killed the Valus in battle.

Atlas-7 was then taken to the Last City, and resumes his career as a Guardian to this day.

Exploring the Hellmouth[edit]

Durzhoor, Hive Abomination[edit]

Maakis, Savage Baron[edit]

Zornok and the Lightblade[edit]

Personality and Traits[edit]

Atlas is most well known for being impulsive, reckless, absent-minded and even childish, which can make him come across as an idiot to some. He spends a lot of his time outside the City, doing bounties, hunting for loot and fighting "the bad guys" across the whole system because of sheer boredom and because he think it's fun. He is also quite fond of telling jokes, especially bad ones, much to his Ghost's annoyance.

Atlas rarely ever puts much serious thought into things, resulting in a mostly carefree disposition, and can be quite lazy at times. He also enjoys pulling "pranks" on others (especially enemies of the Last City while out in the wild) and causing tons of other shenanigans. Atlas is surprisingly friendly when talking to others, but has a tendency to be unintentionally rude and insensitive.

Due to his carefree nature, Atlas can also be surprisingly easygoing, never holding petty grudges towards others or staying angry at them for long, and is willing to let bygones be bygones. He is also hardly ever fazed by insults directed towards him, and even if he is affected, he'll only get mildly offended for a short time. However, one way to upset him is to insult his Ghost or anyone else he's close with, as well as hurting them, be it physically or emotionally.


Atlas uses the Striker Subclass in battle, with his super being Thundercrash. His weapons of choice are mainly a powerful automatic Sidearm, an Arc Submachine Gun, and a Void Grenade Launcher.


"Oh come on, at least it worked."—Atlas after being berated by his Ghost, Nova, for ramming a Captain with his Sparrow, killing it.

"I actually think they're cute."—Atlas to Parvus-4 about the Vex.

"I think you're taking this too seriously. It was just one Crucible match."—Atlas to Tephra, in response to her getting angry that she lost to him.

"Hey, it'd be nice to have a Hive that's not trying to kill me for once."—Atlas, about Dorvok.

"Oh come on, I'm funny!"—Atlas to Nova.

"Do we really need a plan? I didn't need one when I killed that Valus guy."—Atlas to his teammates during a mission to assassinate a high-value target.

"Um, his name is Gary."—Atlas to Parvus after he mentioned Dominus Ghaul.

"I call that move the Exploding Dregball."—Atlas, after throwing an Exile Dreg at a group of Cursed Thralls, creating a huge explosion.

"Okay then."—Atlas after being told he was stupid.

"Well, that wasn't so bad."—Atlas after fighting through an onslaught of Hive with his Fireteam, barely making it out alive.

"You know what? You're really annoying."—Atlas to a Shank, before destroying it.

"I mean, if we really don't matter in the scheme of things, I'd just live my life. Try to have fun, and enjoy my time while I'm still here. Nothing else we can do about it anyway."—Atlas, about his existential views.

"Don't worry, I have the perfect plan."—Atlas, before proceeding to run over the aforementioned Captain with his Sparrow.

"I don't like thinking about that stuff, it's sad and depressing."—Atlas, context unknown.

"Wait....that guy was a Baron?"—Atlas, when he realizes the Captain he just punched to death was Maakis, Savage Baron.

"Hey look, I'm a moon man!"-Atlas during his first visit to the Moon.


  • He is based off of my Titan character from Destiny 2.