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Valus Thra'urn
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"Thra'urn was nothing short of a murderer during the Red War. Thank god this blight was finally put to rest."Parvus-4 about Thra'urn.

Valus Thra'urn was a powerful commander of the Red Legion. During the Red War, he led numerous Cabal squadrons, who were tasked by him to hunt down and exterminate lightless Guardians across the system, as well as execute any that remained in the Last City.

Following the aftermath of the war with the defeat of Dominus Ghaul by the hands of an unknown Guardian, Thra'urn and his forces regrouped to the Ishtar Sink on Venus where they would attempt to establish a beachhead, rallying the rest of the scattered Red Legion for a counterattack. However, his soldiers were met with heavy resistance from both the Vex and Fallen House of Dusk forces that were also occupying the planet.

Thra'urn would unfortunately meet his fate when a Titan by the name of Atlas-7 was newly resurrected on Venus. Atlas fought his way through the hordes of warring Fallen and Cabal, eventually somehow managing to come face-to-face with the Valus himself. After a short battle, Thra'urn was killed, and Atlas was then discovered by a Fireteam who was originally sent to assassinate the commander and delivered safely to the City.

The remainder of Thra'urn's forces continue to hold out on their own to this day, slowly but surely dwindling in numbers and morale.