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Warlock (Stormcaller)


"Some people call me mad, but this is not true. Because you see, the word "Mad" would imply either insanity, or anger. However, I cannot be mad, because I have a unique series of thought processes which prevents my mind from succumbing to anger or insanity. So you see, I am not mad. Peacock."-Parvus-4

Parvus-4 is an Exo Warlock who serves the Last City. He is partnered with a Ghost named Connor.



Studying the Hive and Vex[edit]

The Red War[edit]

Zornok, Willbreaker's Fragment[edit]

Personality and Traits[edit]

Parvus is a certainly odd fellow, as one would normally be able to tell by spending some time with him. No matter what the situation, Parvus always maintains an eerily calm, patient and professional demeanor, regardless how life-threatening or alarming the scenario he's in is. He also has quite a number of quirks, and appears to exhibit traits similar to OCD/OCPD, such as repetitive behavior or sentences, forming intrusive thoughts or obsessions in his head, and have a particular fixation on organizing things, in addition to muttering or repeating things to himself under his breath.

The Warlock also makes it a priority to seek and acquire any knowledge - be it scientific or not - for the sake of it, and often spends his time reading books or studying and analyzing whatever has interested him when he isn't scouring the system for various threats. He has even been known to experiment with objects, but will never experiment on people or other living creatures, but only because he fails to see the point in it. Parvus' thoughts in general tend to be pretty out there, and he will use even the most bizarre or insane logic and reasoning to justify his beliefs and actions. His odd behavior has a tendency to make him come off as insane or delusional to others, even though he insists he isn't. His Ghost worries a lot for his mental health.

Parvus has also taken a great interest in the Hive and Vex. He finds himself to be utterly fascinated by both the Hive's biology and their Sword Logic, and the reality-warping powers and mechanical physiology of the Vex. He takes any opportunity he can to learn more about them, hoping one day to uncover whatever secrets they have. However, his obsession, while certainly noticeable, is nothing to the likes of Toland or Osiris respectively, at least not enough to where he would be driven mad by his hunger for knowledge and sent into exile because of it.

As of the Red War, Parvus seems to have developed a strong dislike for the Cabal, particularly for those of the Red Legion. He never talks about them should someone else bring up the subject first, and whenever they are brought up he will often not stay in the conversation for long. He will also not hesitate to shoot any Red Legion on sight, without question or even a shred of empathy for them.


In battle, Parvus-4 uses the Stormcaller subclass, obliterating enemies with a devastating beam of Arc energy with his Chaos Reach. His weapons of choice are an Arbalest Linear fusion rifle, a Void Auto Rifle, and an Arc Sword.


"It seems we are about to die."-Parvus during the assault on the Tower by the Red Legion.

"Hmm...interesting."'-Parvus when he notices his hand has been blown off.

"Hm? Whatever do you mean?"-When Riviana asks why he ends his sentences with "Peacock."

"A fascinating tactical maneuver. Positively brilliant."-Parvus after Atlas-7 rides his Sparrow through a Fallen stronghold - killing many enemies in his path in the process - to reach their target.

"Well have you seen me eat a candle? I think not. Therefore, I am not mad."-Parvus proving he is not insane.

"Fish and chips, what's with these Guardians and dancing?"-Parvus after witnessing a Guardian dance party in the Tower.

"The definition of insanity is repeating whatever it is you just did, expecting a different outcome. Therefore, I fail to see how I am insane. Peacock. Oh, and by the way, have I told you the definition of insanity?"-To Atlas-7.

"Ah yes, books. The art of literature. Vast fountains of knowledge, waiting for someone to gaze upon their contents and absorb it. Yes, I do enjoy reading books, quite a lot. It's one of my favorite things to do. Crumpets."-Parvus musing about books.

"Oh, so I may or may not have a fixation on learning everything I possibly can about the Hive and the dark secrets they contain. I'm not hurting anyone, am I? No. I am not. Peacock."-Parvus to Connor, after the latter brings up his concerns about Parvus' obsession with the Hive.

"I named him that because I found it amusing, you see."-Parvus, about why he named his Ghost Connor.

"I'll take her down with this peacock egg."-Parvus, about to throw a grenade at a Wizard.

"Now, she has tasted the lightning yolk."-After throwing the grenade at the Wizard, hitting her right in the face.

"I heard that. You know, just because I may talk to myself or read books doesn't mean I am any less sane than the next man, or his Ghost. Peacock."-Parvus to a pair of Guardians, after overhearing them talking about him being insane.

"What do you mean, I always never thought I sounded weird at all."—Parvus to Riviana, after she points out he didn't sound weird for once.

"I refuse to address those beasts by name."-Parvus about the Red Legion, following the Red War.

"Do I look like the kind of Warlock who would wear the guise of a fool?"-Parvus after being suspected of obfuscating stupidity/insanity.

"If I were to have any illness, it would be CDOP, which is like OCPD, but with the letters in alphabetical order. Like they should be."

"You say I am not determined? I once broke my spine five times trying to get through a Fallen stronghold."-Context unknown.

"You are sixteen years old, you cannot hurt me."-Parvus challenging an enemy Guardian during a Crucible match.

"That hurt like the dickens."-After being blasted by a Fallen Walker's cannon.


  • He is based off of my Warlock character from Destiny 2
  • He has a habit of sometimes ending his sentences (especially long ones) with the word "Peacock" or "Crumpets", seemingly out of compulsion, and also sometimes uses the phrase "Fish and chips" as an expression.
  • He had supposedly once used the Bastion, or just a replica of it.