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Dorvok, the Lightblade
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Warlock (Dawnblade)

Notable info:

The first ever Hive to be resurrected as a Guardian
Singlehandedly fought off a Taken invasion in the Cosmodrome


"Long ago, I was but a mere servant to a dark god. No more. No longer shall I be a soldier, carrying out the deaths of millions. No longer do I worship a formless evil. Now, I am of the Light."—Dorvok.

Dorvok, the Lightblade is a Warlock, and the very first Guardian to be a Hive. He was formerly a member of the now-extinct Spawn of Crota before his death and resurrection on the Moon. He is partnered with the Ghost Peri.


Past Life[edit]

Before his life as a Guardian, Dorvok was once a champion of the Spawn of Crota, who at the time had become more active and made preparations to resurrect their master, Crota, Son of Oryx. As the Hive assaulted the House of Exile on the Moon in order to prepare for their master's return by exterminating the invading Fallen, Dorvok was one of many that participated in the raids. At some point, he was confronted by the Warlock Amaru, and was killed following a short duel, his ashen remains being left in a cave, abandoned.

Resurrection as a Guardian[edit]

Sometime after the conclusion of the Taken War and prior to the SIVA Crisis, a lone, unnamed Ghost would be wandering the lunar surface, evading the Hive and Fallen. She would end up being pursued by a squad of Hive that wanted to claim her, and fled into a convenient nearby cave. She discovered the remains of the Knight, and restored it to life as her Guardian.

The newly-awoken Hive Warlock had to fight his way through the swarm of Hive outside with nothing but the sword that was found with him, and escaped into hiding, finding a different location to settle down in while he gained his bearings. He would also talk with his Ghost for a while, who would go on to explain everything he needed to know about the Hive, their dark powers, what they had done, their hatred for the Light, etc. He was rather disturbed by it all. Eventually he decided on a name for his Ghost: Perihelion.

The Knight rarely left his little hideout, mainly to avoid having to deal with any more Hive or Fallen. On the rare occasion he was forced to wander out in the open, he would see Guardians patrolling nearby, and they would always react with hostility and aggression, trying to kill him whenever they saw him. He grew used to living alone overtime, wanting nothing to do with other people.

Sightings of Dorvok were reported to the Last City, and some Guardians patrolled the Moon to look for him. Overtime, though, he would come out a lot less, and eventually somehow managed to acquire a Jumpship and fled to Earth with it.

Into Hiding[edit]

After arriving to Earth, Dorvok relocated to the Cosmodrome, hunkering down in an old abandoned oil tanker near the Forgotten Shore. He would remain there for many days and many nights, only ever going out to find food, since Guardians still needed to eat. He was careful not to be spotted while out in the open.

At some point in time, Perihelion questioned why he would choose to live in isolation for so many years rather than joining the Last City. Dorvok confessed to his Ghost that one of the main reasons he avoided contact with fellow Lightbearers is because he doubted they would accept him, especially considering that the Hive were enemies of humanity and were so closely connected to the Darkness. Peri countered by suggesting the possibility that not all Guardians would reject him. He actually did consider this, but was nonetheless still hesitant to reveal himself because he felt there was simply no place for him among Guardians or anywhere else. Plus, he had become rather used to being by himself, and was more comfortable that way.

Dorvok, like all other Guardians, would lose his powers during the Red War. But considering that he rarely left his hideout anyway, he wasn't too bothered by it, although he would have to be much more careful when going out. During this time and after it, the Cosmodrome would be largely overlooked by the City as it was put on lockdown by Commander Zavala, and so Dorvok took this time to step out more to explore, although the newly-emerged House of Dusk was still a problem he had to deal with.

The Knight would gradually become more and more active around the Cosmodrome to explore more, almost to the point where he just hang out wherever he felt like instead of returning to his hideout. He had it all to himself, after all. Barely any other Guardians came here anymore.

However....that would all change.

Zornok, Willbreaker's Fragment[edit]

Taken to the City[edit]

Personality and Traits[edit]


Dorvok uses the Dawnblade subclass, taking flight into the air with Solar wings and bombarding enemies with fire from his sword. The Dawnblade sword Dorvok uses is shaped like a Hive Cleaver. For weaponry, Dorvok uses a Hand Cannon, a Shrapnel Launcher he acquired from a Captain he killed, and an Arc Sword.

Before joining the city, Dorvok used only his Shrapnel Launcher and a Hive Cleaver.



  • He is not very fond of Eris Morn.
  • He enjoys gardening, and has an affinity for plants in general.