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Sol Daggers


Tail Sweep
Temporal Shielding
Bladeless Storm
Laser Vision
High Durability
Long Blade


Gegenees are large, slim, and incredibly dangerous Vex units first encountered on Ganymede.


Gegenees are bipedal Vex units, with double jointed legs ending with clawed feet. Their most notable feature is their menacing appearance and sharp tail. Gegenees make their first appearance on Ganymede and can be found in various activities such Strikes, Olympian Hunts, Missions, Patrols, the Fall of Olympus raid, and the Spire Integration Public Event. Thus far, they do not seem to be findable anywhere else in the system.


They operate similar to minotaurs, but are few and far between and much more threatening and aggressive.

Gegenees can only use one weapon, solar daggers, but they make dangerously good use of these. Their main and most powerful ability is Bladeless Storm, which start with a gegenees unit spinning all 6 daggers at an incredible speed at the same time and cause a storm of wind to form around them that are as sharp as the sharpest sword. Another ability they have is Laser Vision, it speaks for itself. The final two abilities are Tail Sweep and Long Blade, tail sweep allows the unit to trip its opponents and subsequently attack the enemy at its most vulnerable, when its down. Long blade is a set of ranged attacks where the unit swings its daggers in the air and creates a light wave that is just as sharp as the dagger.

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  • Like most Vex, Gegenees are named after a mythological creature; gegenees were a race of six-armed giants who inhabited the same island as the Doliones in the ancient Greek epic Argonautica.

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