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Dominus Ghaul
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Red Legion










800 lbs.

Combat information




Heavy Slug Thrower
Cabal Cluster Missiles
Cabal Energy Shield
Cabal Frag Detonator
Cabal Slug Launcher


Blindness Effect
Slowness Debuff
Cabal Golden Gun
Cabal Arc Blade
Cabal Arc Staff
Cabal Shadowshot
Cabal Nova Bomb
Cabal Radiance
Cabal Daybreak
Cabal Stormtrance
Cabal Fist of Havoc
Cabal Ward of Dawn
Cabal Sentinel Shield
Cabal Hammer of Sol
Cabal Suppression Field
High Durability
Summon Cabal
Cabal Mega Quake
Drained of Light
Choler of Ghaul


Dominus Ghaul is the military emperor of the Cabal Empire...and supposedly the most powerful enemy we've ever faced. You mean to tell me he's more powerful than Oryx? Ok, let's make him out to be that way. Here we go!


Dominus Ghaul is the most dangerous raid boss in the entire Destiny series, featuring his own version of every Super ability ever featured thanks to the Light he has siphoned from the Traveler, as well as a deadly arsenal to bear.

Trench Warfare[edit]

Ghaul has stashed multiple Cabal weapons for himself. He primarily attacks with a Heavy Slug Thrower for suppressive fire along with Cabal Cluster Missiles that blind and slow Guardians upon detonation. He can also wield a Cabal Energy Shield and a specialized gauntlet that works as both a Cabal Slug Launcher and Cabal Frag Detonator. He will spend 30 seconds on each of these attack phases. He is vulnerable to damage until his health is reduced by 10%.

Fire With Fire[edit]

Using all the Light he has siphoned from the Traveler, Ghaul can unleash his own variants of all known Super abilities featured in the Destiny series. He will activate all Supers in order for their respective class: Hunter, Warlock, Titan. He will become immune to all damage and enter a state of aggression and actively pursues the player with these following Supers:

  • Cabal Golden Gun: Ghaul's gauntlet will be supercharged with Solar power and rapidly fire 10 rays of Light that detonate upon impact with a surface. These explosions cause the Burning debuff and create a pool of fire that lingers for 10 seconds.
  • Cabal Arc Blade and Arc Staff: Ghaul's armor becomes covered in Arc energy and extends an electric blade from his gauntlet and summons an electric staff in his other arm. He can throw the staff infinitely and thrust it downwards while swinging with the blade sends him flying forward like a hurling boulder and instantly kills anyone he runs over.
  • Cabal Shadowshot: Ghaul's gauntlet darkens and is surrounded with Void energy. He fires a single bolt that pulls everyone together in the form of a singularity. This singularity drains all ability charges of those trapped inside and it must be destroyed as soon as possible.
  • Cabal Nova Bomb: Ghaul follows up his Shadowshot with a Nova Bomb that aggressively tracks enemies and creates a damaging vortex along with six Axion Bolts upon detonation.
  • Cabal Radiance and Daybreak: Ghaul is filled with Solar energy as his gauntlet rapidly fires frag grenades that can attach to the player and instantly kill upon a direct hit; these grenades can also attack to surfaces and deal massive damage if they happen to miss their mark. Eventually, Ghaul will summon a sword for him to hold in his other arm, allowing him to jump up and slam down from above, creating fiery shockwaves upon landing.
  • Cabal Stormtrance: Ghaul's gauntlet is channeled with Arc energy and uses it to chain all Guardians together, rapidly dealing damage over time and slowing them down until they all break free of the electricity links.
  • Cabal Fist of Havoc: Ghaul is filled with Arc Light and starts to charge down Guardians, slamming the ground as well as picking the player up and crushing them, causing an instant death.
  • Cabal Sentinel Shield and Ward of Dawn: Ghaul channels Void Light to summon a Void sphere around him that deflects bullets, rockets, and grenades. His Energy Shield is thrown constantly across the room, ricocheting off walls and even tracking down players, dealing massive damage to them and sending them flying upon a direct hit.
  • Cabal Hammer of Sol: Ghaul is completely channeled with Solar Light and summons a hammer in his offhand arm. He can throw these hammers as projectiles or swing them as melee weapons. As projectiles, they track enemies and create a Sunspot upon detonation. These Sunspots inflict the Burning effect and sunder the player's armor when stepped in. As melee weapons, they are an instant kill.

Cabal Suppression Field[edit]

After cycling through all the Supers, Ghaul will summon his own Suppresion Field, which disables radar and abilities as well as jams all equipped weapons. Cabal reinforcements will be deployed. The only way to get rid of the suppression field is to grab a spark of Light generated from Ghaul's Super attack impacts and throw it against the field. It will take 6 fields to destroy it. Destroying the suppression field will not only grant Guardians the Boundless Light buff, but also make Ghaul fully vulnerable to damage for 45 seconds. After sustaining damage, Ghaul will activate a Mega Quake, where he violently stomps the floor multiple times to send out multiple sonic shockwaves that inflict immense knockback. Then, he will drain Light from Guardians to increase the damage, accuracy, range, and speed of his Super attacks.

Final Stand[edit]

After his health is reduced to 5% of its original value, Ghaul will return to the center of the arena to charge his superweapon: the Choler of Ghaul, a massive bomb launcher that instantly kills any Guardian at any range. They will charge up and lock on to targets for 15 seconds. If Ghaul is not shut down, then the weapon will deploy and the entire team will die.