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Troksrii, the Technomancer
Biographical information







Combat information


StasisS.png Modified Scorn Mine Launcher


High durability
Rapid movement
KineticS.png Ultra slam
Summon Scorn
Stasis shield
StasisS.png Stasis Blasts
Summon Stasis Totem


Troksrii, the Technomancer is a powerful Scorn Chieftain and leader of the Scorn within the Created Congression.


Originally born to the House of Wolves, the Fallen who would become Troksrii was alive to witness the Whirlwind. But while most Eliksni feared the cause of the Whirlwind, this one saw something to be revered and worshipped. During the Long Drift, he would also take an interest in the teachings of Fikrul, the Fanatic that Servitors were only machines and not gods.

Many years after coming to Sol, Troksrii would be killed and brought back as a Scorn Chieftain by Fikrul the Fanatic, his admiration of the Darkness remaining strong. He would battle against the lingering forces of the Awoken and be responsible for the deaths of multiple Corsairs before and after he was locked in the Prison of Elders. However, following the death of the Barons, Troksrii would become struck following the last orders given to kill for the Barons and King Uldren. However, unlike other Scorn, he would manage to evade capture by Loyalists of Emperor Calus for experiments aboard the Glykon Volatus.

However, Troksrii's reverence of the Darkness compelled him to locate Dark Relics. This would lead him to the Throne World of the Witch Queen where he would find a plethora of Pyramid Technology and an abandoned temple that lay in the swamps of the Miasma that he would later dub Assemble. In time, particularly following Rhulk's death, he would begin to form a crew of loyal Scorn that collect Dark Relics across the Throne World for worship and study.

Troksrii particularly studied the means of acquiring Stasis and experimented with it on his Scorn, resulting in the creation of new weaponry like Stasis-infused Ether Totems and Abominations. Troksrii would even equip himself a Splinter of Darkness taken from a House of Salvation Captain that would both grant him Stasis powers and allow him to grow as powerful as the Barons. This would eventually catch the attention of the Shadow Legion Flayer named Vochun who offered him all sorts of Dark Relics in exchange for service to his master, Tivon, the Eternal Will, which Troksrii agreed to.

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