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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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"From a whisper to a roar, be the calm and the storm."
A Revenant

Revenant is a Stasis-based Hunter subclass. It was released in the Beyond Light Expansion in Destiny 2.


A Fallen Captain stalks his prey through the barrens of Europa, Servitor at his back. The wind kicks up shimmering plumes of frost; he doesn't see the frozen kama hurtling towards him. It strikes with a deafening crack; the Servitor is gone. The Captain flees for cover, but it's too late — he is frozen in a crystalline prison.

His battle cry freezes in his throat; there is only deafening silence. He sees a shadow approaching, cloaked in the ice and whirling snow, but it vanishes as quickly as it appeared. Fear grips him as he scans the white wastes.

A second kama pierces the ice shelf. Biting whirlwinds erupt and tear at his frozen body. He catches a glimpse of the shadow in the squall, rifle in hand. The hunt has ended; he shatters in the wind.



  • Silence and Squall - Summon two Stasis kamas, Silence and Squall, that you throw one after the other.
    • Silence - Creates a flash-freeze blast that freezes and damages targets.
    • Squall - Creates a Stasis Storm that slows and damages targets caught inside.


  • Glacier Grenade - A grenade that creates walls out of Stasis shards to block damage and freeze targets; these walls can be shattered for damage.
  • Duskfield Grenade - A grenade that shatters on impact, leaving behind a field that slows targets and freezes those who do not leave the volume.
  • Coldsnap Grenade - A grenade that freezes on impact and sends another seeker to find and freeze targets.


  • Withering Blade - Toss a Stasis Shuriken at targets to damage and slow them.


  • High Jump - Upgrades Double Jump with even greater height.
  • Strafe Jump - Upgrades Double Jump with better directional control while in the air.
  • Triple Jump - Upgrades Double Jump with a third jump.

Class Abilities[edit]

  • Marksman Dodge - Automatically reload your equipped weapon while dodging.
  • Gambler’s Dodge - Dodging near enemies generates Melee energy.


  • Shatterdive (A frozen scream trapped in gemstone; the recognition of a great and terrible truth. You descend upon your enemies with the enormity of the Dark.) - Activate while midair to quickly descend and shatter nearby targets on impact.
  • Winter’s Shroud (A desire for legacy, to be known, preserved in sterile glass. The world stops and starts at your command.) - Dodging slows nearby targets.
  • Grim Harvest melee ability kills summon a stasis shard that can be picked up for melee energy


  • Whisper of Hedrons – Gain bonus weapon damage after freezing a target with Stasis; -10 strength.
  • Whisper of Fissures – Increases the damage and burst radius of Stasis when you destroy a Stasis crystal or defeat a frozen target.
  • Whisper of Refraction – Defeating a slowed or frozen enemy provides class ability energy.
  • Whisper of Durance – Increases the duration of slow effects and those with lingering effects also last longer; +10 strength.
  • Whisper of Bonds – Defeating frozen targets with weapons grants super energy; -10 Intellect; -10 Discipline.
  • Whisper of Shards – Shattering a Stasis crystal boosts your grenade recharge rate; shatter additional crystals to increase the duration of the effect; +10 resilence.

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