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House of Tigers


Shiromi Torayoshi, Queen of Tigers (deceased)
Unnamed Kell, Successor to Shiromi after her death




Hoth (formerly)


The Cosmodrome Fall
a House of TV Incident


The House of Tigers are a Fallen House, led by Shiromi Torayoshi. They are strongly hated by the House of Dusk



Recent Events[edit]

Broken Leadership[edit]


War against Lions[edit]

"House Tigers hated by Dusk, I can realate to it, since some of us (Houses and Syndicates) are against them. "

When the House of Lions found the Hoth Planet, they planned on mining resources there, but they actendently met the House of TV, and fought against them, to get an edge on the House, Joskaa had stolen old weapons from Hiraks, the Mindbender, and modified it with the help of the Lion Splicers. they later used it to control the Scorn, Hive, and Cabal on the Reef. Joskaa, joined forces with a Guardian Fireteam and created Meme Squad. However they both lost Hoth to the House of Dusk and the Their Splicers and And their Cabal Friends. In advance the House of Lions sent the ambassador, Lions' High Emissary to cooperate with TV, Meme Squad resided at the Empty Tank, the Fallen Nightclub, and Joskaa sended Big bounties against Srikes and Swadi.

End of the Tigers[edit]

In a unknown dream, the tigers went extinct after the successor was killed by a A English speaking Ortolan with his Colt 6520 10mm pistol, although it's unknown what really happened to them,it's presumed the remnants joined the dusk(they are usually clone eliksni)

or Is it



Notable Members[edit]