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Varlak, the Corruptor
Biographical information




Arath's Vengeance








60 ft.


4000 lbs.

Combat information


Hell's Gate


Modified Solar and Void Boomer
Modified Arc Cleaver


Drained of Light
Corrupted Presence
Corrupted Supers
Temporary Immunity
High Durability
Summon Hive
Knight Brotherhood
This Is Your End


Varlak, the Corruptor is the head general of Xivu Arath's army, Arath's Vengeance, as well as her consort.


Varlak, the Corruptor is one the first Knights created among the first Hive and with his raw strength and power, he became one of the strongest among them. Varlak joined Xivu Arath's main force, Arath's Vengeance, for numerous reasons: he believed she embodied true strength, her forces took part in more wars and finally he was enamored by her. Varlak rose through the ranks of the Vengeance with sheer brute force, both through feats of destroying civilizations and slaughtering those who stood in his way in the army. While there were some who considered him reckless, Varlak believed himself fulfilling their sacred Sword-Logic by killing those who were weak. Despite his belief in strength, Varlak is in no way a mindless brute. Varlak has proven himself to be an uncanny tactician, for even he knows that strength needs direction. Many of those who underestimated Varlak, learned that the hard way.

Varlak earned his name for his ability to decay and rot anything he kills with his dual Ascendant Swords but more so for his ability to take the powers of his defeated foes and create darker, corrupted versions of them. Thousands faded and were left as festering corpses at Varlak's hand with this ability. He took sadistic pleasure as he watched the last bit of life left them and stole their power in Xivu Arath's name. Xivu Arath was further impressed with his exploits and as a reward, named him the leader of Arath's Vengeance and her consort. After Oryx gained the ability to Take, Varlak followed his consort into traveling the universe to become stronger, as she felt Oryx became to powerful for her to accept.

It is rumored that he had been a long-standing rival to Alak-Hul, The Darkblade. Both were ambitious, powerful and desired to be gods of the Hive themselves. When he learned of his rival's attempted usurpation, he was disappointed that he could not take part in defeating the Darkblade but laughed at his eternal sentence.

After he, Xivu Arath and the rest of the Hive learned of the deaths Crota, Oryx and numerous other Ascendant Hive, Varlak considered this not only an opportunity for vengeance but also make himself and his consort the masters of the Hive. He is particularly angered that the Guardians killed Alak-Hul because he desired to do the deed himself and thereby prove himself the superior of the two. With Alak-Hul dead at the hands of the Guardians, Varlak feels he may now never know. However, he decides to circumvent this by destroying Alak-Hul's killers, which would in turn prove himself more powerful than the Darkblade. Varlak has taken a unique interest into the elusive Warmind, Rasputin and his constant endeavors to stall the Hive. Therefore he plans to corrupt the ancient machine into serving the Hive, gain as much powerful technology from him or destroy him before it can subtly but inevitably aid the Guardians.


Modified Boomer[edit]

Varlak's Boomer fires much faster than a normal one. It also has two firing modes: one consists of a cluster of four regular Boomer bolts, although each will leave a Void Orb upon detonation, and these orbs will blind Guardians; the other consists of Shrieker Death Blasts.

Modified Cleaver[edit]

Using stolen Rasputin materials and modified Fallen technology Varlak's Cleaver can utilize Arc energy. Unless the player has damage-reducing artifacts, passive Super abilities, and/or passive armor abilities, this is invariably a one-hit kill. Varlak will use this weapon only if a player ventures within melee range apart from his using Corrupted Supers.

Drained of Light/Corrupted Presence[edit]

At the very beginning of the fight, Varlak will drain half of everyone's Super meter to fill his Corrupted Super abilities. He will be completely immune to damage while doing so and you will not be able to recharge your Super due to his presence, but this will only happen once. During this time adds—Hive Thrall, Acolytes, and special Major Knights called Brotherhood Knights——will harass the players; the player who killed the Varlak Brotherhood will eliminate draining of that player's Super and begin recharge.

Corrupted Supers[edit]

Every 2 minutes or so, Varlak will activate one of the following Corrupted Supers:

  • Corrupted Fist of Havoc: Varlak slams the ground with his fist, sending out an electric shockwave that travels across the room and inflicts the "Shocking" debuff upon a successful hit. You can tell when he is charging this super because he has a growing cloud above his head that has an electricity effect.
  • Corrupted Golden Gun: Varlak charges his Boomer with Solar energy and fires bolts that instantly kill Guardians and leave a circle of fire upon hitting a surface. You can tell he is charging this up when a fire grows on the arm he wields the boomer with.
  • Corrupted Nova Bomb: Varlak sends a massive Void sphere raining down on the arena and leaves a giant Darkness field upon detonation. This field greatly slows down anyone who steps in it. You can tell he is charging this up when his face and arms slowly become darker.
  • Corrupted Ward of Dawn: Varlak surrounds himself with Void energy to gain a ten-second period of immunity that will allow him temporary health regeneration. You can tell this is charging when a circle of void starts to surround him.
  • Corrupted Arc Blade: Varlak's Cleaver is supercharged with Arc energy, and will run around to cut down anyone on his way. He will also have an Arc shield and increased speed. He will charge this up when his cleaver starts sparking electricity.
  • Corrupted Radiance: Varlak uses his Boomer to launch concussive bombs that causes the "Burning" debuff. These bombs have a wide blast radius and cause great knockback. This charges when Varlak attacks less and stares dead at guardians while his body appears to be a lighter color.
  • Corrupted Hammer of Sol: Varlak fires a series of Solar blasts rapidly into the sky only to have them rain down on players. These blasts have a large blast radius. You can tell this is charging when Varlak starts attacking more aggressively and random flames abruptly but temporarily start blazing his hands.
  • Corrupted Shadowshot: Varlak fires a Void bolt from his Boomer that freezes all players in place for five seconds, weakens them, and suppresses them of their abilities. This charges when his boomer has void particles waving around it.
  • Corrupted Stormtrance: Varlak generates an thunderbolt in the center of the arena which blankets the floor with electricity for 3 seconds and causes paralysis that lasts for 10 seconds. This charges while his limbs start charging electricity.

Depending on how low his health progresses Varlak will sometimes use two Corrupted Supers instead of just one. Whenever Varlak activates a corrupted super, the small text at the bottom left part of the screen above the ability/ammo hud will alert everyone. EX: Varlak draws from the Void.

This Is Your End[edit]

When on low health, Varlak activates his Oversoul. This generates a massive explosion that suppresses Guardians of everything: no more armor, recovery, agility, grenades, melees, or weapons. This will also bring your health next to nothing, meaning that you are in deep trouble.

However, there's a twist: Varlak will have released so much energy that he will be left reeling in exhaustion. Ten seconds after the explosion, your Super meter will start recharging. During this time the Raid party must kill six Brotherhood Knights armed with Ascendant Swords, then utilize these swords against Varlak. With your Light channeled through them Varlak is dealt massive damage.

If he doesn't reach a certain critical health-threshold the team will wipe—if he does reach that threshold, his Oversoul does not activate further and he can be killed.