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Arath's Vengeance


Hell's Gate




High-Ranked Infantry Units


Xivu Arath, War Progenitor
Varlak, the Corruptor (general)
Vornaax, Worm Guard (lieutenant)

Notable information:

Formed during Oryx's reign
Serves the will of Xivu Arath


"The wrath of Crota and Oryx were swift, relentless and terrible. But Xivu Arath... Her rage and hate is like a tsunami of Darkness. One of which we may drown in."
Eris Morn.

Arath's Vengeance is a unique Hive faction created after Oryx seized power and created the first Hive. Serving as the "hammer" of the Hive army under the command of Xivu Arath's consort, Varlak, the Corruptor, they carry out Xivu Arath's will using brute strength.


Arath's Vengeance is one of the first forces of the Darkness that was created by the Hive and as such has devastated countless worlds in the name of their Worm Gods and the Darkness. It was founded by Xivu Arath, sister to Oryx, the Taken King and they exemplify her desire to become the most powerful warrior in the universe. Everything, from strategy to troops, are made for strength and raw power. Anything else is ignored or destroyed.

While Arath's Vengeance is named after Xivu Arath and technically she is their master, the army itself is led by her consort, Varlak, a Knight who was able to endear Xivu with his sheer determination and martial power. In Xivu Arath's eyes, she considered Varlak worthy of her favor and the two have led the Vengeance in numerous campaigns of destruction. When Oryx killed the Worm God, Akka, and stole the power to Take, Varlak and Arath's Vengenace joined their master in traveling the universe to become stronger.

Soon, Arath's Vengeance's priorities changed after Xivu Arath heard numerous calls across the night. One from Crota and the other from Oryx. They soon learned that the God-Prince and God-King of the Hive have been killed by warriors of light, permanently. While at first stunned and aghast that their king has been killed and no one was able to take his place, thereby breaking the Sword-Logic, Xivu Arath recalled all her forces to travel to the Solar System to not only avenge her nephew and brother but also establish herself as the supreme ruler of the Hive. Arath's Vengeance will be the tip of the spear in her plan to exact her vengeance by destroying the last hope of the Traveler, the Guardians of the Last City.

After arriving in the Solar System, Arath's Vengeance have established a "palace" within the foundations of Saturn's Moon, Titan, named Hell's Gate. From their dark icy fortress they prepare themselves for a new war, one more devastating than the Taken War and under an ambitious Xivu Arath, they might succeed.


Thralls and Acolytes behave the same way, but Knights now have the ability to wield giant warhammers that create seismic shockwaves upon impact, Wizards now discharge surges of electricity similar to Stormtrance, and Ogres can pick up and throw as well as punt huge chunks of debris at Guardians from afar. This was an effort to enhance the Hive's specialist troops.

Notable Members[edit]